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January 12, 2008

Major Altar-ations for Attorney Jim Ferraro

Jmf15Sad news. Attorney and Make a Wish honcho Jim Ferraro left his fiancee, his girlfriend of 9 years, Patricia Delinois,at the altar last night before 100 shocked friends and family. Ferraro and Delinois were to say "I do" at a lavish Fisher Island wedding last night, but when it came time for Ferraro to say those words, he just couldn't. "He left her at the altar tonight when it was time for him to say 'I do'," says one shocked guest. When we asked why, our source said, "Long story. But he just didn't go through with it. And of course he should have called it off BEFORE the ceremony." But wait, there's more! Just like in a bad Lifetime movie, when Ferraro said "I changed my mind," the  bride's sister lost it. "The sister was in the front row, screaming 'I'm gonna rip your ***ing head off, you****ing piece of s**t.'" After that outburst, the priest urged everyone to chill, telling them, "Let's calm down, these things happen," as the bridesmaids dragged the dejected bride to the back. "The priest walked over to the sister to try to calm her down," says our source, "And then actually physically put himself between Jim and the sister to prevent her from carrying out the 'I'm going to rip your head off part!'" As for the bride, well, "She was very gracious," said one guest, who was surprised by the abandoned bride's composure.  But no one was more composed than Ferraro, who shocked everyone again when he came back out after all the dust settled to eat dinner! "He literally reappeared and started eating dinner," said our source. "He said, 'I love her, but I just didn't feel like doing it.'" And then, we swear as we write this, Ferraro, the new bachelor, took off and went to SET after the wedding that wasn't! Worst of all, just like the bad Lifetime movie starring a dejected, beleaguered Valerie Bertinelli, rumor has it that Delinois is actually considering getting back together with him. Unbelievable.