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October 05, 2007

Tinsley Loves Dior and Peter Griffin

ImagesDior Ambassador and NYC's fave socialite Tinsley Mortimer was at the Ocean Drive party at Ritz Carlton South Beach for Patrick McMullan's new book, Glamour Girls last night. We spoke at length with Tinsley and was impressed by her vast knowledge of and love for---Family Guy. Yeah, yeah, she's designing handbags and loves Dior and blah, blah, blah, but after discussing Dior mascara and fake eyelashes, the convo took a turn for the best when somehow her love of the racy, offensive Fox cartoon came up. Tins also likes the new CW show, Gossip Girl, not because it may or may not resemble her life, but because it shows such  pretty shots of the city. Anyway, we have a newfound respect for the girl and her admission of love for Peter Griffin and co. For those hoping to see her at the Flamingo Sunday, no such luck. She's en route back to NYC for a wedding--or to catch the new episode of Family Guy.