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September 18, 2007

Another Marriage Feeling the Heat?

ImagesThere are some things we just don't report for various reasons, such as the time that a certain Miami Heat player's publicist threw a hissy fit when we were reporting that her client was seen at the Ritz Carlton Key Biscayne with actress Gabrielle Union. Well other people took the liberty of taking that sighting one step further, saying that the baller is going splitsville with his wife. Imagine that! At least he and Shaq can move in together in an NBA version of Bosom Buddies. While our crack team investigates the truth, a b-ball insider had this to say, "I am sure 99.9% of the NBA does the adultery thing----difference between Wade and Shaq is Shaq was smart enough to have a prenup. Wade was with his wife since they were in high school and married in college when he was broke I am sure there is no prenup or postnup, therefore she will take him to the cleaners.  This will ruin the squeaky clean image he’s enjoyed---Mr. “I give 10% of my salary to the church” and Mr. “Been with the wife since we were 10”.  Shaq was smart enough to take the offensive and let word out that HE was filing for divorce, not her, and that HE wanted an investigation into what money finagling she was doing. His image remains clean. Good time for Mrs. Wade to do this too, Wade’s new contract with the Heat kicks in this year, he goes from making like 3.5 million to like 15 million."