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July 26, 2007

Janet Jackson: Marge and In Charge

Images2Images_2 The Forge had a big party last night for the kick off of The Simpsons movie featuring drag diva Elaine Lancaster as Marge, of course. Almost as big as Lancaster's hair was the presence of Janet Jackson, who sat in the restaurant's corner table, with her back facing the dining room. Jackson's table was surrounded by bodyguards, but when Lancaster made her way over, Jackson invited the drag queen to sit down in what began, according to spies, "a love fest." When Lancaster got up to leave, Miss Jackson was overheard telling the restaurant's GM, "I love her!" As for rumors that Jackson has put on weight, our source says "things couldn't be further from the truth." Jackson was sporting long, shoulder length, wavy hair, and "looks better than ever." Not one to play it up for the paps, Jackson exited through the back door leaving about 25 snappers without their shots. They did, however, manage to snap this shot of Lancaster channeling Marge: Simposons_2