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May 19, 2007

Could It Be? U2 Plays Wedding at Casa Casuarina

Final Update: Bono played the Cannes Film Festival Saturday night. Now we really want to know what cover band was so good that three different people swore it was, indeed, U2.

This just in from a source. U2 is playing a wedding over at the Versace Mansion. Source insists it's Bono and co. and not just a cover band. So who gets U2 for their wedding band? Someone very rich or very connected. Could it be Amy Winehouse's wedding reception, perhaps? Stay tuned.

Update: After asking the source seventy times if it really is U2 or just, say, Blake Lewis doing a really good impression, said source replied, "Honey, that was Bono. For sure." Whew. Now who's the lucky bride and groom, pray tell?

Update: Wedding party was walking to the ocean. Source asks bridesmaids who the bride was. Bridesmaid points to a short woman with dark features and goes, "her." Source, who may need glasses, says it could have been Eva Longoria, but that's highly suspect. Source then asks security guard if that was Bono singing and security guard snickered, said nothing and then said, "It could just be a really good cover band." Sigh. Clearly, we need Britney in town to divert us from such absurd, extreme and desperate speculation. Or do we?

Update: Our source inside Casa says, "If U2 were playing here, don't you think I would let you know?" My thoughts exactly, but then again, you never do know, so I replied, "So it's just a good cover band then, right?"  Answer from the source's mouth: "Maybe..." Ok, never mind U2, then, who are the bride and groom? "Hotel guests," says source. Groan. And the tease continues!