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September 07, 2006

This Just In: Chris Paciello Gets out of Jail Not So Free Tomorrow

Coming from a very reliable source, we were just informed that former South Beach club kingpin Chris Paciello, in prison  for the past seven years on all sorts of family business and whatnot, is being released from the klink tomorrow, Friday--just in time for Ingrid Casares's party at Social Miami. That's right. Chris Paciello will be a free man. Sort of. According to said source, Paciello won't exactly be free until  he testifies against someone in another trial. "He doesn't want to testify and has nothing to do with that trial," says our source, "But he has no choice. He was subpoenaed." Surely after he's out he'll be subpoenaed straight back to South Beach where he will undoubtedly be feted with several huge welcome back parties. What's going on here--all the old school has returned--Louis Canales, Gary James and soon, Paciello. It's, like, deja who? Developing.....