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September 01, 2006

Rock Bands Rock the VMAs

Besides the fact that Paris Hilton looked as if she were trying out for a bit part in an off Broadway revival of Grease, and besides the fact that the VMAs blew bigtime, making many points of saying how glad they were to be back in NYC and not Miami, something did rock at the brutal MTV production. According to a publicist, Miami’s own model-turned-entrepreneur-turned-star of MTV’s Style Villas, Lee Dahlberg, is now on every celeb’s radar (or at least wrists) with his new Rock Bands. Deemed the darling of the celebrity shopping event, his creation not only made Christian Slater, Ivanka Trump and the guys of Gnarls Barkley crazy, but also captured the attention of Jessica Simpson. The songstress/shopaholic, nabbed two rock bands and ordered one to be custom-made in a python band donning a black onyx stone and diamond. Father Joe even took his eyes off his daughter for a New York minute to sport a Rock Band. The Simpsons came in just minutes after Nick Lachey, who received a Rock Band Dahlberg specially crafted for the new bachelor with a stone meant to relieve stress. Dahlberg explained the band was made of rich calfskin – to which Nick asked in the style more of his ex “you mean you kill cats for this?” In other celebrity family shopping incidents, Dina Lohan picked up a Rock Band for absent daughter Lindsay, who was busy cavorting with beau and rumored soon to be fiance, Harry Morton in Hawaii, "but it won’t surprise us if she pockets it to match that MILF t-shirt of hers," says our tattle. Us, either. We recall Mama Lohan being very friendly to members of the male species while in Miami for last year's VMAs.