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February 24, 2006

Let the partying begin!

The South Beach Wine and Food Festival had its soft opening last night.

Actually "soft" wouldn't be the right word at Veuve Clicquot's Bubble Bath at South Beach's Hotel Victor, where guests lounged on chairs that used to be bathtubs (yeeouch). The slinky models seemed to be having a better time of it, sudsing it up in champagne-filled tubs and synchronizing their swimming in the fantabulous heated pool. Machines pumped out bubbles, which wafted out onto Ocean Drive.

"Usually people are so nonchalant on the beach, but not last night. Everyone was staring up at the bubbles,'' said Terri Lynn, spokeswoman for Touch Catering, which put together the event. "And everywhere you looked there was champagne."

Partyers weren't there for the solids, apparently. That kind of culinary action will happen tonight at The Delano Hotel's ever popular Moet & Chandon's Bubble Q, featuring BBQ king Bobby Flay and Fontainebleau Resort's Wine Spectator's Best Of The Best, where top toques will present their fave nibbles.