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February 25, 2006

After the storm

The rain, rain never went away, away Friday, opening night of the SoBe WIne & Food Fest.
Mama Nature managed to shut down the always fabulous Moet & Chandon's beachfront Bubble Q at the Delano, just an hour or so after the BBQ to end all BBQs began. Word is Bobby Flay's father suffered a heart attack in the chaos as roughly 300 guests scampered for shelter.
The Belvedere Vodka Beautiful Life party at the National Hotel was a no-go, also. At least the outdoor part of it, anyway.
Pity. Because Turin would have had nothing on this bash. The theme was winter wonderland, with 12 feet long bars made of ice, snow machines and sugar plum fairies in skimpy white bikinis, white knee high boots and white furry headbands.
"Sadly, the pool party never happened. People ran for cover," said Terri Lynn, spokeswoman for Touch Catering, who mounted the event. "Hotel staff appeared with hundreds of towels to help people dry off."
The shindig was brought indoors to the lobby areas and ballroom.
"The vodka was flowing,'' Lynn says. "No one complained."