June 26, 2012

Which would Miami prefer: Dolphins Super Bowl win or Heat repeat? (w/ poll); plus Heat's draft-night trade, D-Wade's decision, Olympic knitting, Playboy & more

1aa1lbjsi1) It is Friday, June 29. Unsurprisingly look who's on the cover (right) of the new Sports Illustrated. 2) R.I.P., Eddie Jones, longtime former Dolphins club president, who passed away at 74. 3) Congrats to former Panthers goal-socrng champ Pavel Bure for making the hockey hall of fame. 4) Cannibalistic vampire attacks blamed on bath salts. This is a blog. Could I say it if it weren't true!? Click here and here for related stories. 5) Join us on Twitter @gregcote.

Click on D-Wade Allowed It for my column in our Heat special commemorative section on how Dwyane Wade's selflessness caused all of this -- the assembling of the Big 3 and also LeBron James' MVP emergence this year. Click A City Floats On Air for my column off the Heat championship parade that drew 400,000. By the way, question for Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert: That promise two years ago that Cleveland would win an NBA title before Miami -- how'd that work out for ya?

VOTE! WOULD YOU RATHER SEE DOLPHINS WIN SUPER BOWL OR A HEAT REPEAT?: On my every-Tuesday spot on Dan Le Batard's 790 The Ticket radio show this week he asked which of those options I 1aa1doltrophy 1aa1heattrophythought most of South Florida would prefer and I said -- without much hesitation -- a Dolphins Super Bowl win. I think 40 years of built-up want trumps the good kind of greedy that would desire a second straight Heat title. I thought (and think) it's pretty clear. But Dan said texters to his show disagreed with me. Well, you all know that Honest Disagreement + Good Arguments On Both Sides = the petri dish for a poll. So here we go. Two ways to interpret the question: 1) What would you personally most like to see? 2) What would South Florida at large prefer? Answering from either perspective is OK. All I ask is that you try to step back from the immediacy of the Heat feelgood and encompass a broader vantage. I know this poll topic will annoy some, like, I want both! Fine. Reach down and make a choice. This is not a favorite-team poll. This is asking which occurence would be bigger. I still say it would be a thoroughly unexpected, Cinderella Dolphins Super Bowl win over an unsurprising Heat repeat. But I may be wrong. You'll tell me. Vote and say why.

1aa1lbjvidNBA VIDEO COVER DISSES LEBRON: What's a season MVP, Finals MVP and newly crowned champion gotta do to get a little respect around here!? You'd think the Heat's LeBron James would be the starting point, the no-brainer, for the cover of the new 'NBA 2K13' video game (pictured). But no! It's Blake Griffin, Kevin Durant and Derrick Rose on the cover instead. If only LeBron had had a better season, I guess.

SMART: HEAT TRADE TOP DRAFT PICK: Miami picking 27th overall in the NBA draft draft selected Mississippi State power forward Arnett Moultrie tonight but then quickly traded him to Philadelphia for tonight's 45th overall choice and a future No. 1 pick. A future No. 1! That's big, and smart. It says, WE'RE THE CHAMPIONS. WE'RE OK RIGHT NOW, THANK YOU.

WADE OPTS FOR SURGERY OVER OLYMPICS: Dwayne Wade has opted to have surgery on the knee that hampered him in the playoffs rather than play for Team USA in the Lodnon olympics. Smart move. The U.S. Olympic team doesn't need Wade nearly as much as the Heat will need a healthy Wade next season.

RAY ALLEN IN A HEAT UNIFORM?: See left if you can't picture it. There reportedly is mutual interest in the Celtics veteran guard, a 1aa1allenrayheatfree agent on July 1, joining the Heat. He's be useful as a wingman shooting 3's, especially if physical woes hasten Mike Miller's retirement. Still, I have trouble seeing it. Allen will be 37 on July 20 and is coming off recent ankle surgery. Plus, Miami is in position to offer him only $3 million per year, less than one-third what he made this past season in Boston. With free agency about to start, though, Allen is the first of many names who'll be rumored or linked to the Heat. Lamar Odom, anyone? Steve Nash? [Your Name Here]?

1aa1lebwedLeBron on Letterman: Did you see LeBron James on the David Letterman show (left) last night? Click on LeBetterman for the 12-minute 1aa1davelebvideo of the appearance. Good stuff. Came on to a standing ovation, and kept his cool and his smile even though Dave beat the Cleveland angle pretty hard. This was another major step in the reimaging of LeBron: A beast on the court but likeable off it. James came off as affable and able to laugh at himself with ol' Dave. Another sign of the kinder, gentler LeBron is at right. Saturday, meeting someone at the Ritz Carlton in the Grove, LeBron happened past a random wedding and agreed to pose for this photo.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in praise of LeBron: The great Hall of Fame center writes glowingly about the transformation of James for ESPN.com. Click here to peruse.

Poll result: Perfect Season Dolphins still reign ... but barely: I invited you to say which of Miami's six pro sports titles is most special to you, the timing of the poll obviously favoring the 2012 Heat. But you narrowly reaffirmed the power of perfection instead. The '72 Dolphins edge the '12 Heat by 35.7 to 33.7 percent, with the 1997 Marlins a distant third at 8.9%. My poll analysis: Y'all done good. Right choice. (But also right that it was close).

1aa1knittingAMERICAN KNITTING COMMUNITY OUTRAGED AT OLYMPICS!: Who knew there was an American knitting community? But there is and it is angry at the U.S. Olympic Committee for its legal action to prevent a knitting group from staging an annual event using the name "Ravelympics." So great was the outcry that the mighty USOC relented and apologized. Click on Knit To Be Tied for the strange yet ultimately inspiring tale. It's quite a yarn. (Sorry). By the way, is it just me, or does the Grandma pictured appear to be shooting a bird underneath that knitted cap? GRAMS!

ANTHONY DAVIS BANKING ON HIS BROWS: Perhaps inspired by Jeremy Lin 1aa1anthony davis 1aa1anthony2being granted legal rights to "Linsanity," tonight's certain No. 1 NBA draft pick Anthony Davis of Kentucky has trademarked the phrases "Fear the Brow" and "Raise the Brow." Davis (pictured) leads the league in unibrows, although personally I'd still award that title to Bert, of Bert & Ernie.

ON SANDUSKY AND THE SWASTIKA: The lawyer for convicted pedophile Jerry Sandusky says, "He wants people to know that he's not guilty." Dear Jerry: We want you to know that nobody believes you, you child-raping piece of crap. His crimes are awful enough, but there is something absolutely galling about a man who even in the face of overwhelming evidence and testimony will show no admission, apology or remorse. Simply pathetic. (I can think of only one endeavor perhaps more challenging than anyone attempting to rehabilitate the image of Sandusky, and that would be someone attempting to rehabilitate the image of the swastika. But someone's trying to do just that. Click here if you don't believe me. Or if you do).

1aa1jenny39INSPIRATIONAL PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: It has come to my attention that Jenny McCarthy appears on the July/August cover of Playboy. So, as a public service, in an attempt to empower young girls and women with the notion they, too, can still look smokin' hot at age 39, we present this photographic evidence.

MOST TRUSTED COMPANIES: Barron's names the 100 most trusted corporations/brands. The top 10 are: 10. Intel; 9. Nestle; 8. Coca-Cola; 7. UPS; 6. 3M; 5. Caterpillar; 4. Amazon.com; 3. McDonald's; 2. IBM; and 1. Greg Cote's Random Evidence of a Cluttered Blog. OK I made up that last one. No. 1 is Apple.

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