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South Florida's Top 20 Biggest Sports Stars. Our new 2022 ranking; plus If Marlins trading for Soto sounds silly -- that's the problem; also, Dolphins' Tua poised to prove the world wrong, Greg Cote Show podcast with 'Freezing Cold Takes' guy & more


It's SATURDAY, JULY 30. Happy to be back on with Le Batard Show this week -- and with a new Back In My Day! Check out Tuesday's show podcasts. 2) Join me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. 2) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Hot Button Top 10, Why being a sports fan is harder than ever (but also more interesting), Super Mario and The Cheetah here to save football in Miami, new Greg Cote Show podcast, updated Mount Gregmore of columns.

SegalbookGREG COTE SHOW PODCAST: THE 'FREEZING COLD TAKES' GUY!Our 32nd episode of 2022 and 123rd overall is out now! A new episode drops every Monday at 7 a.m. ET on Apple, Spotify -- Coteshowwherever else you pod and of course at MiamiHerald.com. Find all 123 we've done so far HERE, free. In the new episode: Special guest Fred Segal, whose'Freezing Cold Takes' Twtter site has become a phenomenon, and who has a new book (pictured) out August 9. Included in the book: Greg's infamous "trade Marino" column. We discuss. Fun chat. Also iin the new ep: Joe Biden calls in; Making fun of Greg’s “Hey, everybody” voicemail message; Greg rails against a Ted Lasso ripoff show and those Diet Dr. Pepper ads with the fake Prince; Greg tells another Dad joke (just one, though, he promises); A debut ad from a brand new sponsor, Little Danny Urinal Cakes; Plus Dick Vitale’s ESPYs speech, Greg’s infatuation with soccer’s women’s Euros, and the heyday of U.S. airline hijackings. Also, details on how listeners can take advantage of free shipping in our merch store and win a spot in an upcoming Zoom Happy Hour! Hit up GCS2232 for full story on the latest ep, and watch our weekly YouTube preview. Thanks as always for the support, pod family. Please listen, review, follow, subscribe et cetera and so forth. We simulcast on Sirius XM, too, Mondays from 5-6 p.m. ET. And now, brand new: Our podcast has a website and merch store: Check it out at TheGregCoteShow.com and visit the merch store by clicking 'Shop'. New items! Also check out our podcast's new YouTube channel.


Top20NEW! Ranking South Florida's Top 20 Biggest Sports Stars (2022 Edition) NEW!

NEW! If Miami Marlins Trading For Juan Soto Sounds Laughable -- That's The Problem NEW! 

NEW! Dolphins' Tua: The Disrespected Underdog QB About To Prove Everybody Wrong NEW!

How Mattew Tkachuk Brings Needed Swagger, Bravado To Panthers

Barkley, Djokovic, Lia Thomas: Being Sports Fan Never Harder -- Or More Interesting

The Hilltop: The five columns before that: How Super Mario And The Cheetah were Sent To Save Football in MiamiHow Messi-to-Miami Became the Biggest, Longest Tease In Sports / Why LeBron (of All People) Chiming In On Griner's Russia Detention Is Ironic / Heat Luring Donovan Mitchell Involves Friend D-Wade, Arch-Enemy Ainge, TooWhy Miami Heat Should Re-Think, Go All-In For King-Whale Kevin Durant

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Thank you!: Was honored to have again been named by Associated Press Sports Editors as national Top 10 columnist for 2021 in '22 judging. The four nominated columns that won: Inter Miami’s David Beckham and Qatar a budding, avoidable controversy / Hall of Famer Jimmy Johnson knows biggest victory happened in own family / Scorned, but does he deserve empathy? Behind who Aubrey Huff became and Dolphins sabotaging Tua with interest in Watson

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Revisit this blog often because it updates regularly. The Associated Press Sports Editors 2021 writing awards again ranked the blog's author a Top 10 national sports columnist in '22 voting in the major-outlet category. Greg is also a regular on the Dan Le Batard Show With Stugotz.

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