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The pirate ship sails! Details, guests for Le Batard Show's today-into-Saturday 24-hour marathon; plus Why Osaka withdrawal is curious, complicated. Column; also, new Greg Cote Show podcast out now with Mike Ryan, other recent columns & more


1) It's SATURDAY, JUNE 3. Le Batard Show 24-hour marathon broadcast was noon Friday through noon today/Saturday on Le Batard And Friends YouTube channel. Watch a live Greg Cote Show podcast from 4 a.m. to 5 a.m! 2) Follow the Greg Cote Show podcast on Twitter and Instagram. 3) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Hot Button Top 10, Heat get swept, new Greg Cote Show podcast & more. 4) Join me on Twitter and Instagram.

DanstuTHE PIRATE SHIP SAILS! DETAILS, GUESTS FOR LEBATARD SHOW'S 24-HOUR MARATHON RELAUNCH: Dan Le Batard is sitting in the chair behind the microphone in the cramped studio that is his second home. It is on the second floor of The Clevelander hotel on South Beach, the ocean his backdrop. He is about to set sail on one of the biggest events of his career. The waters are uncharted. “There’s a pirate ship upstairs being built,“ he mentions casually. “With confetti cannons.” Le Batard doesn’t do subtle or understated. There was none of that when he left ESPN in January, forsaking the comfort of the mothership, turning the ultrapopular “Dan Le Batard Show With Stugotz” into a free agent seeking new partners and a new future. Seeking freedom from corporate constraints. Neither was it subtle nor understated when Le Batard and John Skipper, his partner in the new content company Meadowlark Media, agreed to a three-year, $50 million sponsorship offer from DraftKings. Le Batard’s self-described “pirate ship” had found safe (and lucrative) harbor. He bet on himself — and won. Now comes the party, also with zero indication of subtlety or understatement: A continuous 24-hour marathon broadcast airing from noon Friday through noon Saturday on the Le Batard And Friends’ new YouTube channel, or via the show’s Twitter or Instagram on social media. The show has hosted massive Mas Miami street parties and done a show live from the Beacon Theater in New York City — but this is its grandest undertaking. Said Le Batard: “This is our family business’ first symbolic step into freedom and being our own boss and working with a non-conventional partner to try and change the way that we do all of this.” For our full latest column: The Pirate Ship Sails! Details, Guests For Le Batard Show's 24-Hour Relaunch

NaomiWHY NAOMI OSAKA'S FRENCH OPEN WITHDRAWAL IS A CURIOUS, COMPLICATED DRAMA: As a vital starting point: When someone tells you they struggle with depression, do not doubt them. I know folks who do. It is a mental health condition both invisible and real. So when tennis star Naomi Osaka wrote on her Instagram this week, “I have suffered long bouts of depression ever since the U.S. Open in 2018” — even though she had not publicly revealed that before — we can only trust that is true and hope she is being treated for the condition. That tournament, her first of four major wins by age 23, of course, was fraught with controversy because Serena Williams — whom Naomi is replacing as tennis queen — bitterly argued with the umpire and incurred a game penalty. Booing continued during the match and into the award ceremony, marring Osaka’s big moment. “It wasn’t necessarily the happiest moment,” Osaka described it. That’s the backdrop to Osaka’s abrupt and stunning withdrawal from the French Open this week, after the tournament fined her $15,000 for refusing to partake in a postmatch media session and threatening to default her from the tournament if that boycott continued. For our full recent column: The Curious, Complicated Drama Of Naomi Osaka's French Open Withdrawal.

 Coteshow MikeryanGREG COTE SHOW PODCAST: NEW EPISODE WITH MIKE RYAN OUT NOW!: Our 21st episode of 2021 and 63rd overall is out now! A new pod drops every Monday at 7 a.m. ET on Apple, Spotify, Google, Amazon, Stitcher, Megaphone, iHeart -- wherever you pod, and of course at MiamiHerald.com. You can find all 63 we've done so far HERE for free. Our latest episode features Le Batard Show producer Mike Ryan on the upcoming 24-hour marathon broadcast, the joy of Chelsea and agony of Inter Miami. Also, Greg and Chris on Heat and Panthers' early playoff exits, Greg mourns a death in the family and much more. Thanks as always for the support, pod family. Please listen, rate, review and follow! (Our pod now simulcasts on Sirius XM, too, every Monday 5-6 p.m. ET on Channel 145).

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