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Jordan, Pitbull signal needed new era as NASCAR returns to Homestead. My latest column; plus "It was very fortunate Mr. Woods came out of this alive." Tiger column; also, new Greg Cote Show podcast with ex-Dolphin Camarillo, other recent columns & more

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MjnascarMICHAEL JORDAN, PITBULL SIGNAL NEEDED NEW ERA AS NASCAR RETURNS TO HOMESTEAD THIS WEEK: NASCAR feels different as it returns to Homestead-Miami Speedway this weekend for the main-race Dixie Vodka 400 on Sunday after Saturday’s undercard Xfinity Series race. It still feels different for the wrong reasons as the ongoing COVID-19 threat entering its second year continues to limit crowds and drivers’ time at the track. It feels different in good ways now, too, though. There is a newness at play, a fresh breeze. This is not your grandfather or even your father’s NASCAR with its redneck roots harking to its birth in the segregated late 1940s. The sport’s recent disassociation with the Confederate flag stands towering at the forefront. So does white drivers uniting to make that anti-racism video last summer as the streets filled with protest. We see a sport once stuck for so long in Deep South mores going national, attracting millennial eyes, entering the 21st Century. “NASCAR is trending up,” as Homestead track president Al Garcia. Michael Jordan is a team owner now. So is "Mr. 305" Pitbull. NFL star Alvin Kamara is involved. New markets on the schedule. A new wave of budding-star drivers led by Chase Elliott. For our full latest column, visit Michael Jordan, Pitbull Signal Needed New Era as NASCAR Returns to Homestead This Week.

IT DOESN'T MATTER IF TIGER WOODS EVER WINS AGAIN. WE ARE LUCKY HE'S STILL ALIVE: The 30-second video that retired Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade posted on Instagram Tuesday is full of happiness, but it is haunting for what would happen a mere 30 minutes later. Smiling and jocular, Wade and Tiger Woods are on a golf course in Los Angeles. Wade asks maybe the greatest Tigergolfer of all time how good or bad his own game is. Over Wade’s shoulder a grinning Woods, after a small pause, says, “Good?” — while playfully shaking his head no. The two sports superstars were in L.A. to record something for Discovery’s Golf TV channel. Wade was 15 when Woods changed golf with his historic victory at The Masters in 1997. “The reason I picked up a golf club,” Wade says. Around 7 a.m. Pacific time on Tuesday, Woods’ 2021 Genesis GV80 would careen down an embankment, rolling several hundred feet downhill and flipping multiple times. “It was very fortunate that Mr. Woods came out of this alive,” said Deputy Carlos Gonzalez. It is the latest reminder that no amount of wealth or fame protects one from whatever cruelty fate has in mind. It also writes the latest chapter in the star-crossed story of Eldrick Tont “Tiger” Woods, the ongoing tale of epic, towering triumph, scandal and descent, redemption and rise. Now this. Let those words sink in. “It was very fortunate that Mr. Woods came out of this alive.” We nearly lost Tiger Woods this week. Thirteen months after a helicopter tragedy took the life of Kobe Bryant, the sports world nearly lost an icon of like stature, if not dare say even greater. For our full recent column, visit Doesn't Matter If Tiger Woods Never Wins Again. We Are Lucky He's Alive.

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Coteshow CamarilloGREG COTE SHOW PODCAST: NEW EPISODE WITH GUEST GREG CAMARILLO OUT NOW!: Our Miami Herald podcast debuted last March and our new Episode 8 of 2021 -- our 50th overall -- is out now! A new pod drops every Monday morning on Apple, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, Megaphone, iHeart -- wherever you pod, and of course at MiamiHerald.com. You can find all 50 we've done so far HERE for free. In our new Ep8 of '21, we bring you special guest Greg Camarillo (pictured), the former Dolphins receiver. He discusses why he was suddenly trending on Twitter last week and also his unique place in Fins history. Also on the menu: Greg and Chris discuss Cam Newton getting heckled at a youth football camp; Greg reveals the big news on the horizon regarding his podcast and Sirius XM radio; you'll hear a new parody song making fun of all the “ums” and “ahs” and throat-clearing sounds beleaguered producer Chris has to to clean out of the podcast each week to make Greg sound (somewhat) professional; and there's a special edition of Mount Gregmore marking the podcast's 50th episode. Hear all of that and more in our newest podcast. Thanks as always for the support. Please listen, subscribe, rate and review!

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