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These 2 questions will guide Dolphins' decision on Watson vs. Tua. New column; plus Serena's legacy firm yet unfinished, and Marlins double down on youth; also, latest Greg Cote Show podcast has ESPN's Tim Kurkjian and Valentine's surprise & more

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CoteshowGREG COTE SHOW PODCAST: LATEST EPISODE WITH TIM KURKJIAN AND ROMANCE IN THE AIR!: Our Miami Herald podcast debuted last March and our new Episode 7 of 2021 (49th overall) is out now! A new pod drops every Monday morning on Apple, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, Megaphone -- wherever you pod, and of course at MiamiHerald.com. You can find all 49 we've done so far RIGHT HERE for free. In the new Ep7 of '21, we bring in ESPN expert Tim Kurkjian to baseball and Marlins as MLB spring training unfurls. Also, Greg and Chris reveal the genuinely (and uncharacteristically) romantic thing they did to surprise and delight their wives on Valentine's Day. Plus the return of Greg's Mail Sack and a new Mount Gregmore. Hear all of that and more in our latest podcast. Thanks as always for the support. Please listen, subscribe, rate and review!

TWO QUESTIONS (AND ANWSERS) WILL DETERMINE DOLPHINS' DECISION ON WATSON VS. TUA: At sports’ most important, celebrated and focused-on position bar none — quarterback — we have never seen an offseason such as the one the NFL is smack dab in the middle of. The Tom Brady-Patrick Mahomes Super Bowl just past was the reminder nobody needed: Deshaun WatsonThat a great QB is only about as important to your franchise as oxygen, or air-conditioning in South Florida. And that mediocrity at the position is a curse that can rob you of relevance for decades. QB greatness as the sport’s towering Holy Grail is why five more golden arms led by Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence surely to Jacksonville No. 1 overall are pegged for the first of round of April’s NFL Draft by ESPN guru Todd McShay in his latest mock. He has QBs going 1-2-3-4. Which has never happened. Like never before, though, this offseason finds passer-hungry teams weighing whether to trust the draft for their answer, or dive into the treasure trove of available veteran quarterbacks. Matthew Stafford already has been traded, from Detroit to the L.A. Rams for Jared Goff and two first-round picks. Thursday, the Eagles traded Carson Wentz to the Colts for two picks. Philip Rivers has retired. Drew Brees looks like hes about to. And we’re just getting started with this game of QB roulette, a Wheel of Fortune. Deshaun Watson, very publicly demanding a trade out of Houston. Dak Prescott, a free agent in Dallas. Aaron Rodgers, reigning league MVP, uncertain about his future in Green Bay. Matt Ryan, Derek Carr, Teddy Bridgewater, Sam Darnold and Jimmy Garoppolo — all the subject of available-for-trade reports and speculation. With Stafford and Wentz traded and most experts believing Prescott and Rodgers will stay put, the intriguing grand prize is Watson. It’s a staring march as the player vehemently want to be traded but the Texans thus far indicating no intention to do so. Who will force whose hand? Who blinks first here? About a third of NFL teams would consider a hard run at getting Watson — the Miami Dolphins at or near the top of that list. For our latest column, please visit These Two Questions Will Determine Dolphins' Path On Watson Vs. Tua.

SerenaSERENA'S LOSS AT AUSSIE OPEN LEAVES HER LEGACY FIRM YET STILL UNFINISHED. LATEST COLUMN: She wore this black designer T-shirt the other day with her name in bright white block letters — except the last four letters of her surname were intentionally gray and barely visible. So SERENA WILL is what you saw. It looked a declaration. A promise she intends to keep. But today it is fair, again, to ask: Will she? Serena Williams, iconic athlete and tennis great, aimed for a record-tying 24th career major singles title at this month’s Australian Open. She faced young rival Naomi Osaka in a semifinal match Thursday in Melbourne, one of the children she raised as she grew the sport. Naomi was not yet born when her idol turned pro in 1995, and had not quite turned 2 when Serena won her first major, a U.S. Open, in 1999. “She’s Serena,” said Osaka when the semifinal pairing was set. “I’m intimidated when I see her on the other side of the court.” The outset of the match (played late last night, U.S. Eastern) went like that. An early service-break put Serena in command, 2-0. But it unraveled from there for the woman chasing history, as Osaka roared back to win, 6-3, 6-4. For our full recent column on Serena denied history yet again, please visit Loss at Aussie Open Leaves Serena's Legacy Firm Yet Still Unfinished.

MIAMI MARLINS DOUBLE DOWN ON YOUTH PLAN AS REST OF NL EAST SPENDS BIG. COLUMN: Miami Marlins CEO Derek Jeter and primary owner Bruce Sherman (pictured) availed themselves to Djetermedia on a 45-minute Zoom call Monday, and had it been a drinking game and you had the word “progress,” you’d have left that meeting swaying like Tom Brady being helped off a parade boat. Progress, they want as the fourth season of their ownership unfurls with the start of spring training. No timetable on that road to sustained winning, no guarantees, no predictions. Just progress, please. “I’m not one to make guarantees, but I will guarantee you this,” Jeter said with a wry smile. “Our attendance will be higher in ‘21 than it was in ‘20.” It will indeed. After the pandemic-tossed 2020 season was limited to 60 games and no fans, Jeter announced a “limited capacity just north of 20 percent” would be welcomed back this year starting on Opening Day April 1. That would mean around 8,000 or so per game, should that many fans feel comfortable going with COVID-19 still around. There are no plans for COVID-sniffing dogs at Marlins Park such as the Miami Heat have. “Maybe I’ll let one sit outside my house,” kidded Jeter. Having fans back is hugely important for this ballclub more than most because Jeter/Sherman are doing more than trying to build a winner. They are trying to prove (against prevailing doubt) that Miami can be a baseball town. Seeing that progress on the field in 2021 will be a big ask. For why that is and our full recent column, please visit Marlins Stick With Youth Blueprint As Rest Of NL East Spends Big.

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