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Dolphins' Grier says he has 'idea' on No. 5 pick. He'd better be right. New column; plus coronavirus, Tua make this Fins' weirdest, biggest, most interesting NFL Draft ever; also, Greg Cote Show podcast Episode 7 now out!, latest Back In My Day & more

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DOLPHINS GM GRIER SAYS TEAM 'HAS AN IDEA' ON NO. 5 PICK IN NFL DRAFT. HE BETTER BE RIGHT: Chris Grier is just about a Miami Dolphins lifer as he begins his 20th season with the club and fourth as roster-shaping general manager. Now, with the team owning three first-round picks in next week’s NFL Draft for the first time, and a league-leading 14 picks overall, Grier has Cgriernever had a bigger spotlight on him. Or a hotter one. The opportunity and results will illuminate Grier as a bright, rising young GM if he nails it, or burn him and leave permanent professional scars if he doesn’t. The coronavirus has limited ability to directly meet with prospects, but that’s true of all teams. There will be no excuse for bad choices. Draft night will be a very different, technological challenge, but, again, no excuses. “We really don’t have any apprehension about this process,” he said. Way back when, Grier happened to have majored in journalism at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. So when he hopped on a coronavirus-age predraft video conference call with media on Thursday, he knew precisely what to do: Say as little meaningful as possible. In a 20-minute remote chat with 53 invited journalists, Grier steadfastly offered no real hint, to reporters or to rival teams, as to the Dolphins’ thinking or intentions entering the April 23-25 draft, which also will be done remotely amid the stay-home orders caused by the COVID-19 threat. Grier wasn’t the general manager Thursday. He was closer to the Minister of No Information. He did admit, “We have an idea of who we like” for the top pick, but would not acknowledge what most everyone would bet their life savings on — that Miami almost surely will target a quarterback with the No. 5 overall pick, and that Alabama’s Tua Tagovailoa and Oregon’s Justin Herbert (or vice versa) are the primary, likeliest possibilities. He admitted the onus is on him — and on owner Stephen Ross, coach Brian Flores, new offensive coordinator Chan Gailey and the rest of the Fins decision makers, to get this right. Very right. For our full latest column, please visit Dolphins' Grier Says He Has An Idea On Top Pick. He'd Better Be Right.

CORONAVIRUS, TUA MAKE THIS DOLPHINS' WEIRDEST, BIGGEST, MOST INTERESTING DRAFT EVER: The bell has rung. It’s the 10-day countdown (now nine) to the NFL Draft and, astonishingly, all of the following statements are true to various degrees of arguably-so to absolutely-certain: This 85th NFL Draft will be the weirdest of them all. This 55th Miami Dolphins Tuadraft will be the most interesting in franchise history. The most important, too. And the most pressure filled. Oh, and Tua Tagovailoa (pictured) — whom the Dolphins should either be wisely targeting or should avoid like somebody standing too close and coughing, depending on one’s point view — is a figure of controversy and wildly differing opinions such as few drafts have ever seen. Not counting Bullygate or other intermittent pratfalls like an offensive line coach snorting cocaine from his office desk, the Dolphins have not been the center of NFL attention probably since Dan Marino led them into their most recent Super Bowl appearance to end the 1984 season. But all eyes will be back on this usually off-radar team the night of April 23 as Miami sits at the poker table with the tallest stack of chips — three first-round picks, the fifth, 18th and 26th overall, and a league-leading 14 picks overall — in club history. And as Miami covets, most believe, the all-or-nothing risk named Tua. That means all eyes will be on the front-office team of owner Stephen Ross, general manager Chris Grier and coach Brian Flores, the triumvirate with much to prove and now tasked with making the once-proud Dolphins matter again, and reanimating a large but worn down fandom. To read our full recent column, please visit Coronavirus, Tua Make This Dolphins' Weirdest, Most Interesting Draft Ever.


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