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Le'Veon Bell to Dolphins? Let's discuss. New column; plus Cooperstown Ultimatum: Yes-or-no on Hall for Bonds, Clemens, A-Rod, Rose. 4 polls. Last day to vote!; also, your Super Bowl want vs. will verdicts & more


1) It's SATURDAY, JANUARY 26. Football is at its crescendo and so it's the perfect time to delight Dolfans you know with the (late) gift of our 'Fins At 50' book. Check it out on Amazon. 2) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Rams-Patriots want/will Super Bowl polls, Saints-got-screwed column, Hot Button Top 10, new Back In My Day video (Vending Machines!) & more. 3) Join us on Twitter @gregcote. Also Facebook and Instagram.

LbellNEW COLUMN: LE'VEON BELL TO DOLPHINS? 2 MAJOR OBSTACLES, BUT NOT IMPOSSIBLE: To read my newest column, visit Le'Veon wants Dolphins, And Interest Should Be Mutual.

Other most recent columns: Bonds and Clemens Inch Toward Cooperstown, But A-Rod Faces Tougher Road and We All Got Cheated, Not Just Saints. Also: This Is Offseason for Dolphins to Be Bold, Not Think Tanking / Blueprint For Dolphins Is Right In Front Of Them / Kooch Never Made Canton But Helped Make Dolphins History / A Better Coach Isn't Dolphins' Biggest Need / From Dark and Empty to the Top Of the World: Dan Le Batard at 50 / Hurricanes' Wild Ride From Chaos to Calm / Wade Deserves All-Star Sendoff / The Dolphins Seem Desperate, And It's About Time / Getting Diaz Back The Perfect Fit For UM / Richt Can Call It Retirement, But He Just Quit On The Canes / Miami's Hate-Hate Relationship With Nick Saban.

Bonds Clemens Rodriguez RoseCOOPERSTOWN POLLS: YOUR IN-OR-OUT VOTES ON THE 4 MOST POLARIZING EX-PLAYERS: In my latest column I (a Hall of Fame voter) discuss why support for Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens is growing to a degree I think they have a good shot to eventually get in, while the road for Alex Rodriguez (first eligible for 2022 induction) may be tougher. And then there's ol' Pete Rose. Pictured left to right: Rose, Rodriguez, Clemens, Bonds. No undecide votes in these polls. As with a Cooperstown ballot, it's yes or no. In or out. So read the column here: Bonds and Clemens Inch Toward Cooperstown, But A-Rod Faces Tougher Road. And then vote in-or-out on all four men in our new polls:

POLL RESULTS: WHO YOU WANT TO WIN SUPER BOWL, WHO YOU THINK WILL: We asked, "Do you hope the Rams or Patriots win the Super Bowl?" and your vote was Los Angeles by an even 60.24 percent to 39.76%. We asked, "Do you predict the Rams or Patriots will win the Super Bowl?" and it was New England by 77.42% to 22.58%. Some poll results are predictable. These two were.

APSE-HONORED WORKThe Associated Press Sports Editors 2018 writing awards ranked us a Top 10 national sports columnist in the major-outlet category. Thanks, APSE. Here are the five nominated columns that earned the honor: At Doral, an annual tradition since 1962 is replaced by silence, and by what's missing  /  Marlins' Jose Fernandez statue is divisive yet has a chance to serve a greater purpose  /  NFL has moral obligation to help Buonicontis and Kiicks while it limits future suffering  /  What led to El Clasico Miami began with Joe Robbie's unlikely, accidental love of soccer  / With 59 home runs, Stanton still had a magic season. Just hope this wasn't goodbye.

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