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On Dwyane Wade's big (and delayed) Heat decision. New column; plus Dolphins' Tannehill makes Top 15 in Herald NFL QB rank debut, tonight's Ravens-Bengals pick, latest Back In My Day, Week 1 Pix 'n Fantasy results, Cote's State of the State ranking & more


Never1) It's THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 13. There are some thing we never forget. Hope you took a moment to reflect this week, but not just on 9/11. 2) Scroll to our previous blogpost or get there directly HERE for the Dolfan Satisfaction Meter season-debut results. They're strong! 3) Football's back and that means it's the perfect time to delight the Dolfans in your life with the surprise of our 'Fins At 50' book. Check it out here on Amazon. 4) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Dolphins win lightning-delayed season opener with DSM poll, Hot Button Top 10 & more. 5) Join us on Twitter @gregcote. Also Facebook and Instagram.

Tonight's Week 2 NFL Thursday pick: Bengals are mere 1-point home favorites over Ravens this week in a Thursday night matchup that should interest Dolfans. For my pick: Thursday Gem.

DwadeNEW COLUMN: ON DWYANE WADE'S BIG DECISION: The Heat venerable No. 3 is about to decide (or to reveal) whether he is returning for another NBA season in Miami ... or retiring. Pat Riley has said he hoped for a decision by mid-August. One month later, still no word. What does it mean? Some fans and media have begun to criticize Wade for his delay. That's unjustified, and I explain why in my latest column, which explores the likely what-and-when of Wade's pending decision. While South Florida immerses itself in football, its single most beloved athleteis about to make a decision affecting Miami's only three-time champion pro franchise. For my latest column: On Dwyane Wade's Big Decision.

Most recent other columns: Why Drake/Gore Will Work, And Why That's Crucial to Fins. Also: Somehow, Dolphins Make A 7-Hour Wait Worth It (on Fins' season-opening win) and Soft Stretch In Schedule Is About Improving At QB (on Hurricanes' home-opening win).

BreesBREES-FITZPATRICK SHOOTOUT LEADS THE WAY! / MIAMI HERALD NFL QB RANKINGS / WEEK 1: You'd think the Saints' Drew Brees would look happier about leading the Herald's NFL QB Rankings after Week 1, but I guess the glum look comes from having lost the game to standings runnerup Ryan Fitzpatrick. This launches the Miami Herald's 21st season of Passer Success System (PASS) NFL quarterback rankings. Dolphins Ryan Tannehill lands a respectable 13th in the initial Top 15. Our formula is simple and unchanged since its inception in 1998, factoring accuracy, yardage, TD-interception ratio and team result. (Exact formula detailed below). Most major ranking systems such as the NFL's and ESPN's are complicated and percentile based, allowing QBs who miss half a season to still win a title, while our system is cumulative, rewarding players who are consistently productive and avoid injury or benching. Here we go!
RK    '17    Player, Team                    Week 1/Season

1       2       Drew Brees, NO                    59.95

2       34     Ryan Fitzpatrick, TB             51.85

3       6       Philip Rivers, LAC                 44.20

4       NR    Andrew Luck, IND                 43.95

5       13     Joe Flacco, BAL                    41.80

6       26     Aaron Rodgers, GB                38.30

7       1       Tom Brady, NE                      37.85

8       4       Alex Smith, WAS                   35.75

9       18     Andy Dalton, CIN                  34.15

10     50     Patrick Mahomes, KC            32.80

11     7       Case Keenum, DEN               32.45

12     NR    Sam Darnold, NYJ                 28.90

13     NR    Ryan Tannehill, MIA              28.50

14     9       Kirk Cousins, MIN                 27.20

15     11     Jared Goff, LAR                   25.65

        Bubble: Derek Carr, OAK, 24.15. Week 1/season best: Brees, NO, 59.95 (37-45, 439, 3-0 in loss). Week 1/season worst: Nathan Peterman, BUF, minus-12.80 (5-18, 24, 0-2 in loss).
        Herald PASS Championships: 7—Brees (2008-11, '14-16); 6—Peyton Manning (2000, '03-04, '06, '12-13); 2—Kurt Warner (1999, '01) and Tom Brady (2007, '17); 1 each—Steve Young (1998), Rich Gannon (2002) and Carson Palmer (2005).
        Points formula: Accuracy—Completions times two minus attempts. Ex: 17 for 28 = 6 points. Yardage—Five percent of total. Ex: 202 yards = 10.10 points. TD-interception ratio—Difference times three. Ex: Four TDs and one pick = 9 points. Team result—Winning QB of record = 5 points.

ThillNFL WEEK 1 PIX 'N FANTASY RESULTS: GOOD AND GOOD!: Every Tuesday in the blog starting today I'll update you on how I did the just-past weekend with my Miami Herald predictions and Picks Loboswith my LeBatard Show/League Of Lobos fantasy team. So let's get it started in here! Herald picks: Solid week!. Went 10-5-1 overall (Steelers-Browns tied) and also a nifty 10-5-1 against the spread (Seahawks-Broncos pushed at 3). Nailed our Upset of the Week with Bengals over Colts ("Aaawwwk!"). Also called mini-upset by Dolphins, had underdog Bears and Jets with the points, and hit a rare Exacto with Patriots' 27-20 win. Greg's Lobos: What a comeback! Trailed deep into Sunday before heroically rallying to trounce Lorenzo 141-121, behind a giant 42 points from Tyreek Hill (pictured). Also got 23 from old Adrian Peterson, a last-minute start for me. I'm one of the millions of fantasy owners being held hostage by the Le'Veon Bell situation. Given that, we survived opening week nicely.

COTE'S STATE OF THE STATE RANKINGS: Each Tuesday starting today I'll rank the state's seven FBS-level college football teams. The kickoff: 1. UCF (2-0); 2. Miami (1-1); 3. South Florida (2-0); 4. Florida (1-1); 5. FAU (1-1); 6. FIU (1-1); 7. Florida State (1-1).

NEW 'BACK IN MY DAY': BINOCULARS!: This debuted on Tuesday's LeBatard Show on ESPN Radio and ESPNews:

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