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The pick has landed! Our Patriots-Eagles Super Bowl forecast and preview column; plus Dolphins QB Quandary: Tannehill vs. Cousins vs. Mayfield. Your final verdict; also, Super Bowl With a Smirk V, your choice on MLS Miami & more


1) It's SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 3. Happy new month, all! 2) R.I.P., Rasual Butler, the former Heat player (2002-05) who died Wednesday at 38 along with his wife in an auto accident in California. 3) The Dolfans in your life don't know it, but they need this. Click on Amazon or Barnes & Noble to check out Fins At 50, our book. 4) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Ranking MLS Miami among our Big 5 pro teams with poll, R.I.P. Bob Rubin, Made In Miami LeBapalooza, Super Bowl With A Smirk I and II, U2 video & more. 5Join us on Twitter @gregcote. Also Facebook and Instagram.

Sb52OUR SUPER BOWL PREVIEW: NFL WINS EITHER WAY WITH THIS MATCHUP, BUT AMERICA WANTS ONLY ONE TEAM: History is in the offing. The Patriots will win a record-tying sixth Super Bowl on Sunday, or the Eagles will win their first championship since 1960 and end the third-longest drought of any fan base in the U.S. Either result would suit the NFL, which needs the big finish after a beleaguered season, but only one result will make America smile. Click on The Historic Super Bowl the NFL Needs for my preview column. 

OUR PATRIOTS-EAGLES PREDICTION: THE LIMB WE'RE OUT ON IS CREAKING, BUT WE CAN EXPLAIN: New England is favored over Philadelphia by 4 1/2 points in Sunday's Super Bowl, but I see it going differently. I see an upset and the Eagles' first NFL championship trophy since 1960. Click on Super Bowl Gem for my official SB 52 predix capsule and I'll tell you why it'll happen.

DolphinsQUARTERBACK QUANDARY: DOLPHINS HAVE 3 DIVERSE OPTIONS, MUST CHOOSE ONE: In my latest column -- click Exploring Dolphins' QB Quandary to read in full -- I examine the Dolphins' quarterback situation in the wake of the huge NFL trade this week in which Kansas City dealt Alex Smith to Washington, meaning Kirk Cousins will become a free agent. As I see it Miami must do one of three things: Go all-in with Ryan Tannehill and stick with their incumbent. Or pursue Cousins in free agency. Or draft a likely available Baker Mayfield of Oklahoma 11th overall this April. Can't choose more than one, but must choose one. Sticking with Tannehill is the strong likelihood, but my column explores why Cousins and Mayfield are extremely viable options, meaning the timing would be right to move past Tannehill. I put the three options to a vote on my Twitter site and here are your final results:

Mayfield49%: Draft Oklahoma's Baker Mayfield


Tannehill29%: Stick with Ryan Tannehill



Cousins22%: Go after Kirk Cousins



Mlsmiami RubinThis week's other columns: Bob Rubin, MLS Miami: Our friend, mentor and longtime former Miami Herald colleague, Bob Rubin, passed away peacefully this week at age 76. Click on Farewell, Rubin to read the obituary. Earlier in the week we wrote from the official announcement that an as-yet-unnamed Miami team fronted by David Beckham would join Major League Soccer as an expansion team for the 2020 season. Click on Beckham's Dream Becomes A Team for that column.


CELEBRATE SUPER BOWL WITH SMIRK WEEK IN MIAMI!: It's Super Bowl Week and that means Super Bowl With A Smirk was back in the Miami Herald for five daily notes columns that merrily poked fun at the self-important NFL and the gravitas of its big game. In case you missed it or for your repeat pleasure, our parade of Smirks:

Smirk V: Taste of the NFL Leads Party Parade -- Eagles' brisket beats Pats' gnocchi despite shocking lack of Cheez Whiz.

Smirk IV: Welcome Back, Mr. Wardrobe Malfunction! -- Justin Timberlake halftime show recalls an indelible SB moment.

Smirk III: Goodell's "All Is Well!" Address -- Commissioner hopelessly accentuates the positive as flames engulf his league.

Smirk II: TV Ads -- Angry Clydesdale Chases Screaming Betty White. The time it took to read the previous sentence cost $588,000.

Smirk I: Unlike-A-Bowl -- Starring two teams you'd rather see both lose, played in a city you'd only visit in winter if you lost a bet.

POLL RESULT: MORE THAN HALF SAY MLS MIAMI WILL ARRIVE TOP-3 AMONG OUR BIG 5 PRO TEAMS: We asked, "Where will Miami's new Major League Soccer team rank in terms of your interest level and fandom relative to our other four pro teams?" Results were all over the map. Your verdict: 1st--15.60 percent; 2nd--12.84%; 3rd--26.61%; 4th--17.43%; 5th--27.52%. That's a near-plurality who think soccer will check in third (presumably after the Dolphins and Heat), and around 55% overall who see MLS as top-three (presumably ahead of the Marlins and Panthers).

Select other columns: A Heart Both Broken And Soaring Wins Pegasus (Gulfstream's world's richest horse race). The Upside Of a Fire Sale (Lewis Brinson becoming face of Marlins' reboot). Appreciating Wayne Huizenga. And When Victims Seize The Power (Larry Nassar/USA Gymnastics trial). Also: And Barkov Shall Lead ThemNo Way to Escape Her ShameCanes' Late Swoon, OB Loss Don't Erase the Progress. Where The Swagger Was BornStanton Had All the Power -- And Used ItDo We Trust Jeter To Fix Marlins?Truex Jr. Takes Trophy, But Dale Jr. Wins The DayA QB, a Crisis & a Father's Love. The Hurricanes Are Back; Deal With It, AmericaThe Godfather SpeaksJeter Betting On JeterHope That Wasn't GoodbyeWade Will End Where He BelongsLarranaga Has Canes Flying High, Now ThisRegret, Tears & a Legacy's Dark Shadow. Specials: Thank You, Mae RibackThank You, Edwin Pope.

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