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Surprise! Your poll verdict on benching Jay Cutler better than expected for the embattled Dolphins QB; plus NFL Week 6 picks for Fins-Falcons & more


Friday13th1) It is FRIDAY, OCTOBER 13. Stay in bed, paraskevidekatriaphobes! Whatever you do, do not leave the house!! 2) Know any people who are serious Dolfans despite recent performances? Surprise them with our book on club's first half-century. Learn more or order at Fins At 50. 3) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Jay Cutler poll, Snortgate column, Herald Week 5 NFL QB rankings, NFL Pix 'n Fantasy results, SOPY standings & more. 4) Join us on Twitter @gregcote. Also Facebook, Instagram, Periscope and Snapchat.

JaycurtlerPOLL RESULT: YOUR BENCH-CUTLER VERDICT BETTER FOR JAY THAN EXPECTED: We asked, "Should the Dolphins bench quarterback Jay Cutler?" This in the wake of some fans chanting for that at last week's game, but coach Adam Gase firmly stating that-ain't-gonna-happen. Players in turn have predictably publicly supported Cutler. Maybe some of the thinking is that, after a week dealing with an assistant coach quitting in a cocaine/stripper scandal, perhaps further controversy ought be avoided. In any case, a huge vote as you'd expect, and it was 45.36 percent "Yes" to bench Cutler, 39.15% "Not yet but soon if offense doesn't improve," and 15.49% "No." That's better than I thought for Jay. Yes, strong support on either extreme was nearly 3-to-1 against him. But, a pretty sizable middle ground is calling for a bit more patience. And if you were to spin it in his favor, a majority of 54.64% don't think he should be benched ... or at least not yet.

FripixUPSET BIRD DAY IN AMERICA! NFL WEEK 6 PICKS: THE GOOD NEWS? DOLPHINS OFFENSE AWAKENS A BIT...: Dolphins face a tough road game Sunday in Atlanta as (tied for) the NFL's biggest Week 6 underdog. The good news? I have Miami with a needed offensive breakout, and beating the point spread. But winning? Not quite. Click on Week 6 Gems for our predix-capsules on Dolphins-Falcons, our Game of the Week (Steelers-Chiefs) and Upset of the Week (also Steelers-Chiefs: "Aawwk!"). That's right. Kansas City, the only unbeaten left, loses. So it'll be a great day for the '72 Dolphins, and at least a somewhat encouraging one for the 2017 Fins. Our week got off to a disappointing start last night. Saw Panthers (-3 1/2) winning and covering vs. Eagles, 27-23. Had a near-exact-score but it was flipped, with Birds winning, 28-23.

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