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Poll: Your verdict on NCAA's UM verdict. Vote now!; plus link to full 102-page NCAA report; Canes socked with scholarship cuts but no bowl ban

It is TUESDAY, OCTOBER 22. It's No-Radio Tuesday. I'm off the air today. 2) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Dolphins lose again, DSM poll & more. 3) Follow us on Twitter (gregcote), Instagram (Upsetbird), Vine (Greg Cote) and Facebook (Greg Cote).

UM/NCAA verdict on ESPN's Outside The Lines: Thanks to ESPN, the legendary Bob Ley and OTL for having me on today.

Verdict proves UM, NCAA both got it right: Miami was right to self-impose penalties, and NCAA was fair in properly weighing that. Click Finally, The End for today's column by me off the final verdict. An on UM Deserves Lenience for earlier column in advance of decision.    

NCAA Report on UM: Click HERE to access the full 102-page NCAA report on UM.

POLL: DID NCAA GET IT RIGHT TODAY WITH UM VERDICT? The University of Miami's long nightmare finally is over with today's long, lonnngggg-awaited NCAA verdict in the three-year 1aa1ncaa 1aa1uinvestigation stemming from renegade-booster Nevin Shapiro. The Canes had already done their time and paid their price with self-imposed penalties, especially in football. Today's NCAA verdict revealed UM will incur nine additional lost football scholarships (three each over the next three years), and three (one each year) in men's basketball. Significantly, there is no added postseason ban in football. That's reasonable. That meets our definition of proper lenience. There were also penalties imposed upon former men's basketball coach Frank Haith, now at Missouri (five-game suspension) and a two-year ban from college coaching for two since-departed football assistants. The key for UM, though, is no more postseason ban and a fairly minor hit on reduced scholarships. Another postseason ban would have been a shame -- and the shame would have been the NCAA's. Here's a new poll on today's NCAA verdict. Vote and say why you feel as you do.

MCKINNIE A DESPERATE STOPGAP: The Dolphins trading a low future draft pick for Ravens tackle (and 1aa1bmacex-Cane) Bryant McKinnie illustrates just how desperate Miami is upon three straight losses and continuing poor offensive-line play. McKinnie is 34, just had his knee drained, and is not renowned for being in great shape. Miami explored signing him in the offseason when he was a free agent and said nah. McKinnie was on the Party Bus when teammate Jacoby Jones got clocked with a champagne bottle swung by a stripper named Sweet Pea. Hmm. I like that Miami is being aggressive in helping itself any way possible, but if McKinnie is an upgrade, the Dolphins may be in worse shape than we thought.

NFL PIX 'N FANTASY / WEEK 7: THE OK AND THE BAD: OK on the predictions, bad on the fantasy 1aa1fripixteam. NFL predix: Our 8-7 record overall sucks, but that same 8-7 against the spread we'll take, especially after the way we've been going lately. Nailed Texans-with-points over Chiefs on our Upset of the Week ("Aawwk!"), and also hit a rare exact score in Packers' 31-13 win. Fantasy: Must I? Greg's Lobos lost yet again, falling to 1-6, this time drubbed 125-76. Tom Brady and Arian Foster are killing me. I vow major changes. The jobs of my coach and general manager are on the line. Wait, that's me. S---!

1aa1bb13wsRED SOX A VERY SLIGHT WORLD SERIES FAVORITE: This Boston-St. Louis World Series (starting Wednesday night) is about as close to betting-even as Vegas gets. Red Sox are a 5-7 favorite to Cards' 6-5, but Bovada sports book manager Kevin Bradley tells us 60 percent of the early money has been on the Redbirds. MVP favorites are Boston 's David Ortiz (15-2) and Dustin Pedroia (8-1), then STL's Carlos Beltran (9-1) and Matt Holliday (10-1). I'll have my WS preview and pick in the blog on Wednesday.

SOPY RANKINGS / WEEK 8: WINSTON STRETCHES HIS LEAD: This is the second season of our blog-exclusive State Offensive Player of the Year (SOPY) rankings, a weekly updated list of the 1aa1sopymost productive quarterbacks, running backs and receivers from the state's seven FBS schools: Miami, FSU and Florida, FIU and FAU, and South Florida and UCF. Because our rankings are cumulative players on a bye week take a temporary hit that evens out over course of season. Canes QB Stephen Morris won the 2012 season title with 1,900.5 points. FSU QB Jameis Winston is the current leader by an ever-bigger margin. Our simple formula awards a half-point for every passing yard and one point for every rushing or receiving yard, with six points for every TD scored or thrown. Our 2013 standings entering Week 9:

Rk (LW)   Player, Team-pos.               SOPY Pts. Wk8=Year

1 (1)     Jameis Winston, FSU-qb           248 = 1,217.5

2 (2)     Jaquez Johnson, FAU-qb           BYE = 932

3 (3)     Blake Bortles, UCF-qb               153 = 915 

4 (6)     Storm Johnson, UCF-rb             200 = 804

5 (4)     Duke Johnson, Miami-rb            83 = 756

6 (8)     Stephen Morris, Miami-qb          161 = 690

7 (5)     Marcus Shaw, USF-rb                BYE = 611

8 (--)    Rashad Greene, FSU-wr             158 = 595

9 (7)     Jonathan Wallace, FAU-rb         BYE = 579

10 (--)  Devonta Freeman, FSU-rb          101 = 550

Bubble: Kenny Shaw, FSU-wr, 548. Other team leaders: Florida--Solomon Patton-wr, 506; FIU--Jake Medlock-qb, 408.5. Note: Florida and FAU have played seven games, all others six each.

Cote's State of the State rankings: 1. FSU (6-0); 2. Miami (6-0); 3. UCF (5-1); 4. Florida (4-3); 5. FAU (2-5); 6. USF (2-4); 7. FIU (1-5).

1aa1bieberHEADLINES YOU COULDN'T MAKE UP: Click HERE for one. My comment: Mental illness takes many forms, and I'm guessing plenty of folks have been locked away for exhibiting behavior far less bizarre than this.

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