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LeBron's Miami future: Poll. Vote!; plus Dolphins cut PK Carpenter, '72 Perfectos at White House, '13 Dolphins' value, Ibis' rank among college mascots & more

1) It is WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 14. Relax, unsportsmanlike wing of Dolfandom, Tom Brady's knee is OK. 2) Dolphs cut Dan Carpenter today, meaning Gators rookie Caleb Sturgis has won kicking job. 3) LeBron decides against run for NBA players association president. One word: Wise. 4) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): College-or-pro football poll, Jose Abreu defects, Jason Dufner wins, KC's '305 3,' LeBron speaks, Lady Gaga naked & more. 5) Join us on Twitter (gregcote), Instagram (Upsetbird) and Vine (Greg Cote).

White House to honor '72 Dolphins: OK so it's 40 years late. Quit nitpicking! The 1972 Perfect Season Dolphins are to be honored by President Obama at the White House next Tuesday, Aug. 20, that team's first such recognition. Coach Don Shula said he is "honored," adding, "It is a very special occasion and I know it’s something that all of us will enjoy and remember." (Aside to Mercury Morris: Resist the urge to pen a rap chiding Obama for not having a record nearly as good as your team's).

"RIGHT NOW" VS. NEXT YEAR: PREDICTING LEBRON'S MIAMI FUTURE: Two little words is all it took. "Right now." The full quote From LeBron James to ABC's Robin Roberts yesterday about his future with the Heat beyond this coming season: "I'm happy right now being in Miami. Hopefully, everything works 1aa1jameslebout." There is nothing wrong with that sentiment or the quote that conveyed it. It makes sense. The quote should not imply he might leave. But let's be honest: Down here, the entire 2013-14 NBA season will be played in the context of wondering what LeBron will do beyond it. And the search for clues and hints is on. He said "right now." Does that mean maybe not later? He said "hopefully." Does that suggest some doubt? The fun/agonizing part is that we really can't know "right now" what will happen next summer, because I doubt even LeBron knows. I could very easily see him re-upping with Miami, which will make an obvious priority of keeping him with all its money and might. But I also could see him going full circle with his Akron roots and returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers, or winding up elsewhere such as with the Lakers, perhaps. Everyone will want LeBron, and no doubt a handful of teams with the wherewithall will pursure him hard. So what will haoppen? With the caveat that nobody knows, let's speculate. It don't cost nuthin'! We have had a bunch of LeBron-related polls the past few years but none asking this specific question about his future. As always please remember: We are not asking what you hope happens, but rather what you honestly think is most likely to happen. Vote and say why.

DOLPHINS' VALUE MID-PACK IN NFL: The Dolphins are dead-center in NFL franchise value, 16th among 32 clubs at $1.074 billion, according to the new Forbes rankings. No. 1 are the Cowboys at $2.3 billion. No. 32 are the Raiders at $825 million.  

THREE STATE MASCOTS MAKE TOP 25: Our peninsula swells with pride as Florida State's Chief Osceola, 1aa1algator 1aa1ibis 1aa1chiefoMiami's Sebastian the Ibis and Florida's Albert Gator rank No. 1, No. 12 and No. 24, respectively, in a new Sports Illustrated list of top 25 college football mascots. Click HERE for the whole parade. One aside to SI: Classic mascots, by my definition, are costumed. I may be wrong. Osceola, Ibis and Albert are pictured. Another thing: Osceola has a horse, which seems like cheating, and Albert has a female sidekick, "Alberta," also cheating. So I declare the Ibis the winner. 

STATE-SCHOOL GUYS PEGGED FOR 2014 NFL DRAFT: This we extract from Mel Kiper Jr.'s new list of top-five prospects at each position entering this college season. Including his top-fives and a "next up" 1aa1bridget 1aa1achickcategory of others to watch, there are six FSU Seminoles, three Florida Gators, one UM Hurricane and one South Florida Bull. The Noles: No. 2 DT Timmy Jernigan, No. 5 OL Cameron Erving and next-uppers OLB Christian Jones, S Lamarcus Joyner, OL Bryan Stork and RB James Wilder Jr. The Gators: No. 2 CB Loucheiz Purifoy and next-uppers DE Dominque Easley and CB Marcus Roberson. The Cane is next-upper DE Anthony Chickillo (pictured right). And the Bull is No. 3 DE Aaron Lloyd. The top-projected QB is Miami native and Northwestern alum Teddy Bridgewater (pictured left) of Louisville, with Texas A&M's Johnny Manziel third and UM's Stephen Morris meriting a "more I like" category below the next-up level.

UPDATED DOLPHINS, AFC EAST PLAYOFF ODDS: The propositionists at Bovada lay out AFC East playoff odds thusly: Patriots big 1-6 favorite, Dolphins 2-1, Bills 4-1 and Stinkin' Jets 6-1. Leaguewide its Broncos as overall fave at 1-10, and Jaguars as longest longshot at 15-1.

Poll result: College football defeats NFL: This was a surprise, at least to me, but we asked which season you most looked forward to, and you answered 60.8 percent for college football and 39.2% for the NFL. Not surprisingly, perhaps, the disparity was even greater in Florida, at 65.3% to 34.7%. Why not surprisingly? Hurricanes, Gators and Seminoles inspire more fan excitement in 2013 than Dolphins, Bucs and Jaguars.

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