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It's Parade & Coronation Monday! Put Heat's run in context of Miami's greatest sports accomplishments. Poll. Vote!; plus Paula Deen & more, y'all

1) It is MONDAY, JUNE 24. It's Championship Monday in Miami! 2) Click on Champions! Repeat, Champions! for my column off Heat's title-winning Game 7 triumph, and on Exhale, Appreciate for my most recent column. 3) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Heat win NBA championship, biggest Game 7 poll, Dolphins' future rank.

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1aa1kwest"Kanye West named his daughter North. If she grows up to marry the grandson of singer Joe South and they are photographed at a religious sunrise service, the caption would read: North West-South at Easter." -- Greg Cote

WHAT IS OUR BIGGEST, PROUDEST ACCOMPLISHMENT IN MIAMI SPORTS?: We are in the moment right now, surrounded by confetti. The Heat's Game 7 championship win still pulses in our minds as we prepare for Monday's celebratory parade. It's all LeBronLeBronLeBron today and that's fine. But it has struck an odd 1aa1dols 1aa1marlinswschord with me when I have read and heard it said so casually and certainly over the past several days that the Heat have given us the greatest feeling we have ever had in local sports. As if that were not debatable. I hear that said and I assume those saying it were not around in the the winters of 1972 and '73 when the Dolphins were capital-P Perfect and back-to-back Super Bowl champs back when football defined us. Or maybe we have too quickly forgotten what those two Marlins World Series championships felt like. Or perhaps we don't recall what 1aa1heatJan. 2, 1984 in the Orange Bowl meant, when the Miami Hurricanes began their 1aa1canesntrun of dominance in college football. Celebrate the Heat; they deserve every bit of it. But don't dismiss all of the wonderful feelings that preceded them. The Heat, after all, did not invent the Miami championship parade. We ran a similar poll once before, a good while back. The timing is right to reprise it. OK, your turn. What have been our two biggest or proudest major team-sports accomplishments to this point? Step back from the moment and see the question from the broadest view and largest context. I offer the four obvious choices. Pick the top two. Vote now and say why.


PAULA DEEN'S IN SOME TROUBLE, Y'ALL: Food Network has dumped Southern-fried cook Paula Deen after it 1aa1deenp2was learned, via a deposition she gave, that her use of the N-word seems rather casual, y'all. Paula previously had been seen as disingenuous only when it was learned she was a diabetic yet had been pimping some of the unhealthiest recipes on TV. Predictably her fans have rallied, threatening a boycott of the Food Network unless she is reinstated. Hey, she might be prejudiced or whatever but her food is yummy, y'all! Paula's future is difficult to predict. Do not write her off. Martha Stewart survived jail time, did she not, y'all?

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