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What draft picks would you give to get Darrelle Revis? Poll. Vote now!; plus Heat wins 14th straight, Canes lose & more

1aa1bonnie[1) It is SUNDAY, MARCH 3. The Catholic world is officially Popeless, but I press on with plans for a brand new blogpost on Monday morning. 2) Headed up to Palm Beach today to columnize off final round of Honda Classic. 3) R.I.P., Bonnie Franklin (pictured), TV mom from 'One Day At a Time,' dead at age 69. 4) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Tiger Woods, Odrick goes Hollywood, LeBron's pregame dunks, Heat Big 5@55, Tony Bennett. 5) Join us on Twitter @gregcote]

Click on Random Evidence for my latest wisea-- Sunday notes column, this one leading with the Marlins lending a whole new connotation to March Madness.

WHAT WOULD YOU SPEND TO TRADE FOR DARRELLE REVIS?: Assuming his full recovery from knee surgery, the Jets cornerback is without question the best in the league -- just what Miami (and others) 1aa1drevisneed. And New York reportedly won't pay him what he wants and has him on the trade block. I explore all of this in today's latest column; click on Could A Jet Land in Miami? The column more broadly is on the huge challenge for Jeff Ireland, and I explore receiver Mike Wallace as the main free-agent target, but Revis is the gist of it. Is it likely to happen? No. NYJ undoubtedly would prefer to not trade Revis within its own division. But Miami is one of the few teams with both the salary-cap space to sign Revis and the draft picks (10 including five in first three rounds) to perhaps entice the rebuilding Jets. If Miami presented clearly the best offer, might the Jets then bust convention and make the inter-division deal? The column is simply a conversation piece that exhorts Ireland to at least explore the deal. Share your thoughts. Vote in our poll and say why.

HEAT JOIN HARLEM SHAKE CRAZE: I guess Gangnam Style is, like, so 15 minutes ago. Now it's the Harlem 1aa1harlemShake and your Miami Heat are feeding the flame with THIS VIDEO, shot in their lockerroom. Fans will find this delightful and nuthin' but fun; Heat haters will hate it, of course. Starts with Chris "Birdman" Andersen flapping wings, then segues into a mad carnival of characters (pictured), with LeBron James dressed as a king (natch), Udonis Haslem as a fireman, Mario Chalmers as Super Mario, Chris Bosh with a big ghetto boombox, somebody wearing a giant bear head (Dwyane Wade, I hear) and others in masks. After several watchings I just noticed the player in the horse's head! (Best view at about 0:36 or 0:37). the whole thing is surreal. Weird. Goofy. Great. Notably, the video does not include Lil Wayne. The defending champion Heat have won 13 games in a row. Obviously filming this silly video and having a barrel of fun has distracted the team from its basketball (!) Update: Last time I looked the vid had about 4.2 million views, and likes were outnumbering dislikes by about a 30-to-1 margin. AMERICA'S TEAM!

HEAT WIN 14TH STRAIGHT; ANOTHER HUGE WEEKEND IN AMERICA'S BASKETBALL CAPITAL: Started Thursday night as Hurricanes women stunned No. 5 Duke 69-65 one month after they'd lost at Duke by 39 points. (UM women are now 1aa1heatmem 1aa1dukeum20-9 and should sneak back up into the polls as they end their regular-season Sunday at Virginia Tech). Last night the Heat made it 13 straight with a 98-91 dispatch of tough Memphis, despite only 4-for-14 shooting from LeBron James. (Pictured left: Who knew there was a movie called Memphis Heat?) Today the Heat played at the New York Knicks and won 99-93, after NYK had beaten Miami twice by 20 each. Sunday's win tied a Miami club-record 14-game win streak. LeBron James' 29 points led a 65-point contribution by the Big 3. And Saturday, of course, No. 5-ranked Hurricanes played at No. 3 Duke and fell 79-76 in a thriller after embarrassing Duke here 90-63 on Jan. 23. (Pictured right: Dick Vitale caught up in excitement of that January game here) Today's rematch was, for me, the biggest regular-season game in UM basketball history. Great effort by Miami, but Canes simply could not defend Duke's Ryan (36 points) Kelly.

Poll result: Most are rooting for Tiger: We asked if you are rooting for Tiger Woods to catch or surpass Jack Nicklaus' record of 18 majors and 57.3 percent said yes, 38.5% said no and 4.2% were undecided.

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