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A-Rod's Biogenesis, Ray Lewis' deer-antler extract: World gone mad!; plus Smirk Wednesday, Ken Dorsey & more

1aa1kate 1aa1beyonce[1) It is WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 30. Pictured left and right are Kate Upton from her Mercedes-Benz Super Bowl ad, and Beyonce as she would look if playing referee and running back at the same time. Why? Just because. 2) Former UM quarterback Ken Dorsey named today as new QBs coach for the Carolina Panthers. 3)  In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Heat at White House, Super Bowl matchup poll, Pro Bore, Smirk, Cats, runners. 4) Join us on Twitter @gregcote]

BIOGENESIS AND DEER ANTLERS: A-ROD, RAY LEWIS MAKING THE WRONG KIND OF NEWS: Is it me, or has the first month of 2013 been exceptionally bizarre in our little Sports World. In newspapers they 1aa1deerrl 1aa1aroidused to call us the "toy department." Now the toy aisles are filled with guns (real ones) and drugs. Now the toys come in such weird packaging like Lance Armstrong's shamed confession and Manti Te'o record-setting naivete. A week ago the NCAA accused its own investigators of wrongdoing in the Miami probe. Of course it did! And now: A double scoop of strange involving two superstars with strong Miami ties. Ex-Hurricane Ray Lewis of the Ravens makes unfortunate Super Bowl Week headines when Sports Illustrated accuses him of using a banned substance found in, of all things, deer-antler extract. And Yankees icon Alex Rodriguez is the most prominent name in a Miami New Times expose about a now-shuttered PED-peddling Miami "anti-aging" clinic called Biogenesis. For what it's worth, A-Rod denies any involvement with Biogenesis and Lewis denies what he is accused of. It's a bad climate for denials, though, isn't it. In sports, our benefit of doubt is spent. Call it the Lance Effect.

Smirk Wednesday: Super Bowl With a Smirk, here to tweak the self-important NFL and the gravitas of its big game -- think of us as a whoopee cushion in church -- is back today with a menu that includes deer-antler extract, Media Day, the NFL Experience, national anthem, media party, Psy's pistachios and, as always, much more. Click on Smirk Wednesday for the full column.

Poll result: Super Bowl matchup better than most: We asked in the previous blogpost how 49ers-Ravens rates as a SB matchup and 44.5 percent said better than most, 41.5% said about the same, and 14.0% said worse.

CATS ON ICE! SLIPPING, FALLING...: Since their exhilirating season-opening home win your Florida Panthers have now lost five games in a row by a combined score of 23-5. This truncated 48-game NHL season will seem shorter and shorter and then too short for teams that fall too far behind early. Anybody seen a panic button?

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