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The Dolphins are back, dammit! Dolfans, vote your expectations (with poll); plus Tannehill/Dolphin QBs (with video), Olympics, Marlins & more

1aa1mememNEWEST VIDEO: ON RYAN TANNEHILL, DOLPHINS QB SITUATION: Click on YouTube/TheGregCote for my latest video, on why the Dolphins need to give Ryan Tannehill the football. Click on Fast-Track The Future for the full column, from Saturday's paper. The video was recorded and the column written before Tannehill signed on Sunday and reported to camp.

[Join us on Twitter @gregcote. Dear Loyal Readers and Blogger Nation: I'm back from vacation as of this (Sunday) afternoon after being out of the paper and the blog all last week. Watch for a brand new blogpost on Monday morning!]

Poll result: We won't miss you, Hanley: We asked in the previous blogpost how you felt about the Marlins trading Hanley Ramirez (you can still vote), and 47.7 percent said they like he's gone but wish Miami had gotten more in return, 35.8% said good riddance and only 16.5% called it a bad trade. That's more than 83.5% who are glad he's gone.

THE DOLPHINS ARE BACK! THE DOLPHINS ARE BACK!: Forget all this Heat championship stuff. Enough 1aa1dolphins12with these Marlins trades. THE MIAMI FREAKIN' DOLPHINS ARE BACK, DAMMIT! South Florida's dethroned big dogs have reentered the picture, as presason training camp opens, to try to win back your hearts. You up for it? You excited? Big season ahead? Ryan Tannehill the elusive Next Marino? Chad Johnson better than Chad Ochocinco? Joe Philbin poster on your bedroom wall? C'MON LET'S GET EXCITED ALREADY! FOR THE LOVE OF SHULA IT'S THE MOTHER-LOVIN' DOLPHINS!! OK enough with the all-caps italics. In all seriousness, I'm interested in how y'all feel about this Dolphins team and this season. Let's get an early pulse-read. The key word in the poll question is realistic. I'm not asking what you hope, I'm asking what you honestly feel, what you'd bet if your money were talking. Mind, not heart. Vote and say why.

OLYMPIC ROOTING INTEREST: UNITED STATES, COTE D'IVOIRE: You may have heard. The Summer 1aa1cotedivoireOlympics are starting. London, I think. Opening Ceremony was Friday night, which assuredly meant the standard overblown extravagance, something artsy-surreal, as if the production is a child of Salvadore Dali and Tim Burton meet Cirque de Soleil. My Olympic preview: No. 1, "U-S-A! U-S-A!" I'm an unabashed jingoist and patriotic guy. I hope LeBron wins gold. I hope Justin Gatlin stuns Usain Bolt. I hope Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte have a duel for the ages. I hope Lolo Jones stays a virgin until she inevitably hooks up with Tim Tebow. No. 2, the other country I'll be following is Africa's Cote d'Ivoire (crest at left), because they were kind enough to name themselves after me. The U.S. has 530 athletes competing. Team Cote has 10. I'll have updates.

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