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Dolfan Satisfaction Meter: 11.9%

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DOLFAN SATISFACTION METER: GAME 13: Results are certified in the latest Dolfan Satisfaction Meter, and they show 11.9 percent overall satisfaction in the wake of Sunday's 26-10 home loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, a result putting Miami's season record at 4-9. The figure is the lowest since Game 5, with most voting in prior to the firing late Monday of coach Tony Sparano.

1aa1dsmThe DSM, in its fourth season, is a continuous gauge of how fans feel about the team and its direction. Right after each game, I invite you to share your overall degree of satisfaction. Criteria for voting is your own, but I suggest fans consider the most recent game's performance and caliber of opponent, the season as a whole, the direction the club is heading and your overall degree of optimism -- all in the context of reasonable expectations. I also suggest your vote be based on this season only, and not how it might affect the 2012 draft.

The poll never closes but results are certified official after one full day of voting. In this case that was around 9 a.m. today/Tuesday.

2011 Dolfan Satisfaction Meter

Next poll: Dec. 18 following game at Buffalo.

G13: 11.9% satisfaction (7.4 very, 4.5 somewhat) following 26-10 loss vs. Philadelphia.

G12: 65.4% satisfaction (29.7 very, 35.7 somewhat) following 34-14 victory vs. Oakland.

G11: 38.5% satisfaction (14.0 very, 24.5 somewhat) following 20-19 loss at Dallas.

G10: 58.5% satisfaction (23.8 very, 34.7 somewhat) following 35-8 victory vs. Buffalo.

G9: 35.9% satisfaction (7.8 very, 28.1 somewhat) following 20-9 victory vs. Washington.

G8: 31.6% satisfaction (16.0 very, 15.6 somewhat) following 31-3 victory at Kansas City.

G7: 19.6% satisfaction (18.1 very, 1.5 somewhat) following 20-17 loss at N.Y. Giants.

G6: 14.5% satisfaction (14.0 very, 0.5 somewhat) following 18-15 loss vs. Denver.

G5: 9.6% satisfaction (9.2 very, 0.4 somewhat) following 24-6 loss at New York Jets.

G4: 5.6% satisfaction (5.4 very, 0.2 somewhat) following 26-16 loss at San Diego.

G3: 3.9% satisfaction (3.3 very, 0.6 somewhat) following 17-16 loss at Cleveland.

G2: 3.7% satisfaction (2.6 very, 1.1 somewhat) following 23-13 loss vs. Houston.

G1: 34.4% satisfaction (3.9 very, 30.5 somewhat) following 38-24 loss vs. New England.

2010 Final: 3.8% overall satisfaction.

2009 Final: 31.2% overall satisfaction.

2008 Final: 96.9% overall satisfaction.