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How confident are you in Chad Henne? (with poll); plus Nyjer Morgan = idiot, LeBron's new image, Tiger's new lovenest, Jacory/Heisman odds & more

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1aachadh HOW CONFIDENT ARE YOU IN CHAD HENNE?: Like many of you I think so much of this Dolphins season and beyond depends on how good quarterback Chad Henne turns out to be, and like many of you I am not sure how good that will be. I think he'll be a solid starter. But will he be a star? Might he be a disappointment? Neither last season nor this preseason have offered a clear answer. Now, on ESPN.com, Henne is rated only the 25th-best of 32 NFL starters. Ouch. Seems low. (Click here for John Clayton's rankings). Now you tell me. How good will he be and why? Take a dip in our poll. How much faith do you have in Henne right now?

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1aabatman NYJER MORGAN IS ROTTEN AND SHOULD BE THROWN IN A DUMPSTER: The Nationals' Nyjer Morgan started a bench-clearing brawl in the 6th inning of last night's Marlins game when he charged the mound after Chris Volstad threw behind him. Play of the game: Gaby (Batman) Sanchez roaring in and decking Morgan the Joker. Morgan is a dirty, ill-tempered pissant who should be suspended by MLB. How his own teammates stand him is nearly beyond fathomability.

1aalebronimage BULLETIN: LEBRON JAMES SOFTENS IMAGE!: His old Tweeter logo was dark, screaming ego, kingly, lordly, I'm-better-than-you-ly. His new one (left) is friendly, light, accessible. It looks like a photo shoot from a GQ pictorial for casual menswear. "See?" says the new logo. "I'm not the bad guy they make me out to be!"

1aanikeum UM FOOTBALL GAME AT YANKEE STADIUM: Hurricanes AD Kirby Hocutt met in New York today with Yankees officials and said he's hopeful Miami will play a nuetral-site football game at Yankee Stadium as soon as 2013 -- ideally vs. Notre Dame. (Now if The U can just get the runnin'-scared Gators to resume that series everything will be copacetic). Also today in New York came the unveiling of the new "Miami Nike Pro Combat" line of football gear (see right). The player modeling the line has an unsettling metallic gray skin tone and should see a doctor imemdiately.

ODDS FOR CANES TITLE, JACORY HEISMAN: Bodog.com puts Miami at 18-1 for the national championship. That trails seven schools including 4-1 frontrunner Alabama. UM is a 5-2 pick for the ACC crown, narrowly over 3-1 Virginia Tech. Heisman odds are 4-1 for Ohio State QB Terrelle Pryor, 5-1 for Alabama RB and '09 winner Mark Ingram, 9-1 for Arkansas QB Ryan Mallett, then Canes QB Jacory Harris among a group at 12-1. Ingram missing his opener with an injury levels the field a bit.

TIGER READY FOR SOME BACHELOR LOVIN': The newly divorced Woodsman has moved intro a new Manhattan apartment. Click here for the details. Warning: No nudity. 

1aagod DANCING WITH THE STARS: Odds are out for upcoming season 11 of the inexlicably popular TV show and the pop/R&B singer Brandy is the favorite at 3-1. Ex-quarterback Kurt Warner is a 20-1 longshot, but would be favored if one of the judges was the Lord.

THE LIST: THREE PLAYOFF TEAMS, ONE DIVISION: It comes to mind this year with the AFC East's Dolphins, Patriots and Jets all fancying themselves playoff contenders. I wondered: Since the NFL realigned into four divisions and two wild cards per conference in 2002, how many times (of a possible 16) has one division produced three playoff teams? Answer: Three:

2006 NFC East (Eagles, Cowboys, Giants)

2007 NFC East (Cowboys, Giants, Redskins)

2007 AFC South (Colts, Jaguars, Titans)

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