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Dolphin Fight Song v. Challengers (with poll); plus Schnellenberger, Miami World Cup bid, Marlins at 21.4%, Vick, Britto/Lebo & more

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     Battle of the bands, Dolphin-style!: You know the original classic Dolphin Fight Song. Now there is a new, hip-hoppier version of that song by T-Pain. There also is Jimmy Buffett's song Fins with special Dolphinized lyrics. Below we offer you all three songs and a poll on which you like most or hate least.

1fight1      1. Original old-school version: Click on Old Classic for the original version of the Dolphin Fight Song, the one you hear ad nauseum at the home stadium after every Miami score. The one with the lyrics ("Miami has the Dolphins, the greatest football team...") that haven't been accurate for 35 years but who cares!

1fight2      2. New hip-hop version: Click on T-Painful (aw, that was mean) for the full version of the newly updated Dolphin Fight Song by T-Pain, featuring Miami rapper Pitbull. Warning: The video is just a bunch of Dolfans dancing badly. Click on Shorty for a snippet that is only 30 seconds but was recorded live Friday night at the old Versace Mansion during the cheerleader calendar party. The T-Pain version is surprisingly faithful to the original, hardly crunkified at all. (I want to be the guy on the hip-hop stage doing nothing more than occasionally shouting, "HEYYY!")

1fight3      3. Jimmy Buffettized version: Click on Parrotheads for the Buffett song "Fins" with lyrics rewritten to make it a song you'll hear at games, guaranteed, with a live performance video. Note: The song starts at 1:45 mark.


1howard      Howard Schnellenberger at age 75: I spent an interesting afternoon today soaking up some South Florida history with 1983 UM football champion and current FAU coach Howard Schnellenberger as he set out on his 25th season as a college head coach and (hard to believe) ninth season with the Owls. Click here for the resulting column, online now and shipping to Tuesday's paper.

1awc     Goooaaaaalllll! Miami bidding for 2018 World Cup: Miami has established a bid committee with the goal of being a host city for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, or failing that, the one in 2022. Miami-Dade Commissiooner Pepe Diaz chairs the committee, whose members include former Fort Lauderdale Striker Nene Cubillas, Emilio Estefan, Alonzo Mourning, and spotlight-adoring Dolphins owner Stephen Ross. This is a good thing, and good luck to the bid-men. I'm as about excited I can be about something that might or not be happening in nine years.

     Who let the dogs out?: CBS announced today that Michael Vick will appear on 60 Minutes this coming Sunday Aug. 16, interviewed by a James Brown. A nice get for the network. If you can't get Erin Andrews, Steve Bartman or Jimmy Hoffa, Vick may be the next best thing. (PS: A Washington Post blog says "at least five teams" in the NFL are interested in Vick. I still say Miami shoulda been one of 'em!)

1broom      Marlins' improved playoff chances: The Marlins' four straight wins have improved their postseason chances to 21.4 percent, according to an interesting website, coolstandings.com, that calculates and constantly updates playoff odds. Click here for the website. They now put Florida's division-title shot at 16.3% and the wild-card shot at 5.1%.

     Dolphins diss Le Batard! This is a major controversy that I am contriving here in the blog. It is a 1britto 1lebo complete non-issue and yet here I am, plowing forth. The Miami Dolphins are dissing the Le Batard family, and I cannot sit idly by and allow that to happen without commentary. The club announced it has aligned with the local Brazilian pop artist Romero Britto to paint artwork outside the stadium. Well it so happens that Britto's arch rival is the local Cuban pop artist Lebo, who happens to be colleague Dan Le Batard's exceptionally talented younger brother. The two men have similar styles -- I mean Britto and Lebo -- although either would cringe at the comparison. Arch rivals, remember? An example of Britto's art is pictured left, and Lebo's right. This blog is a Lebo friend and fan all the way. "Lebo! Lebo! LEBO!!" (As a matter of fact, Lebo was kind enough to donate the artwork for our original Upset Bird bumper stickers. I think we'll be giving away a bunch more of those oddities this coming football season. Stay tuned).

1sauna      World Sauna Championships: Yeah, they were held this past weekend in Finland (story here), and pictured at right is the man who won, Timo Kaukonen, a Finn. Would it be untoward of me to mention that, based on visual evidence, spending a lot of time in the sauna apparently is of limited use in the eradication of man-boobs?

     In yo' Face(book)!: A new study (click here to read) suggests that Facebook can be dangerous to relationships. However, another study -- I forget whose it was -- indicated that readers of Greg Cote's Random Evidence blog enjoyed five times more sex on average than other people.

1buffettbeer      Tip for running a successful business: When delivering a large quantity of beer, especially when the beer is going to a celebrity, and especially when said beer is closely affiliated with said celebrity, might be a good idea to spell Jimmy [Bleepin'] Buffett's last name right, moron! Thank you.

1deville      R.I.P., Willy DeVille: Gone too soon, the too-little-known frontman for the forever-underrated group, Mink DeVille.