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The Ultimate Miami Dolphins Poll


     NOTE TO VALUED READERS: I am off on vacation this week and next. (How DARE I!?) Will be back blogging, columnizing and Twittering beginning the week of July 27. Live online chats will resume July 29. 'Random Evidence' Sunday notes column returns Aug. 2.

     I leave this as an open thread in my absence. Talk amongst yourselves. What's going on? Marlins playoff chase? Dolphins and Hurricanes getting close? Pat Riley/Dwyane Wade stalemate continuing?

     As a conversation starter here is a poll I've been thinking about for awhile. Do more than vote. Drop a comment explaining why. I usually have a strong feeling on where my vote goes in most polls that I post here, but this one I think is a genuinely tough call, with three great choices. Pretend like it's debate class. Make your case.

     Have fun. See you in a bit...