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Name Dolphins' biggest rival (with poll); plus Magic finds pulse, Tom Brady overboard & more

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     OK. So who IS the Dolphins' biggest rival?: Loving this offseason smack-chattin' among the 1rivals Dolphins, Jets and Patriots, especially this latest volley between Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder and Jets coach Rex Ryan as detailed in this story by our own Jeff Darlington. Close call whether Crowder or Joey Porter will lead the team in tackles and strong quotations this year. Keep yappin', fellas. Ryan acted like he wasn't even aware of Crowder and said, "All I now is he's all tatted up, so I guess I ought to be nervous." Dear Rex: Most players in the NFL and even more in the NBA, particularly the black guys, have tattoos. Welcome to today, Whitey! Crowder responded by admonishing Ryan for not knowing a starting LB in his own division and instructing him, "Learn who your rival is." So that got me thinking: Hey, an easy idea for a blog poll! Take a dip in our poll. By the way, I included the Bills just to be polite, although the additon of Terrell Owens can't but help ramp up that series back closer to Shula-era intensity as well.

     I WENT TO ORLANDO AND ALL I GOT WAS THIS LOUSY COLUMN: Here it is, off last night's game. Sort of. Because of deadlines I had to file at 10 p.m. (mid-second quarter), with scant time to rewrite upon the result. The Magic had it easier than I did, and they barely escaped. I still think Lakers win in 6 games, but at least it's a series now.

     Tom Brady gets all wet without meaning to: Patriots QB Tom Brady flipped his rented kayak and had to be fished out of the Charles River, according to this report in the Boston Herald. Either that, or he was intentionally provided a faulty vessel by Sparano Kayak Rentals.

     It's axiomatic...: You know how they say you wash your car and it's guaranteed to rain? Here's a new one. I bench somebody from my fantasy team and he's guaranteed to perform. Latest example: Jeremy "Walkoff Homer" Hermida.

     Barry Bonds' marital news: Barry Bonds' wife has filed for a legal separation after 10 years' marriage. Geez, and things had been going so well for Barry.

     The return (eventually) of Hialeah Park: South Florida's historic horseracing plant, closed since 2001, plots its comeback. It will reopen, no date or even year yet, with quarterhorse racing but in time get back to the full thoroughbreds. The now-requisite casino also is envisioned. I cheer these plans. In its day Hialeah Park was a gorgeous place to visit and its absence has left a void.

     The Sports Authority. But not the number authority: Saw an advertisement by The Sports Authority pushing replica Dan Uggla jerseys, with the ad picturing Uggla's No. 8 jersey. Minor problem: Uggla wears No. 6. I think while I'm in there I'll also pick up a vintage Dan Marino No. 17 jersey.

     Nod to North Miami Beach High: The NFL has announced that NMB was one of only 12 high schools, and the only local one, with two players drafted recently. They were defensive backs Louis Delmas (Lions, 22nd round) and E.J. Biggers (Bucs, 7r).

     Jimmy Johnson update: Nothing new to report, although we're pretty sure laid-back Jimmy continues today to again live life to the fullest and be much happier than the rest of us.

     Check back. Adding more stuff here later.