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Finally! Boo or cheer A-Rod? (with poll); plus Dolphins forming choir, Kosar, US Open, NCAA screws Bobby & more

     HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all my fellow Dads out there!

     [New studies indicate that people who are followers at Twitter.com/gregcote have zero incidence of swine flu and are thought to be better-looking than the general population].

1arod2      A referendum on A-Rod: Almost-native son Alex Rodriguez returns with the Yankees for a three-game  set vs. the Marlins and today -- finally! -- we get to see him actually play at BadBeer Stadium after he sat out the first two games with (!) fatigue. Click on The Circus Comes to Town for the column by me. This is our first chance to react to him since the revelation of his past steroid use. I don't count his Febuary appearance at the ceremony naming UM's baseball stadium after him, because that was a small, select audience of people cheering his donated millions.  The Sunday reaction will be a better gauge. How we forgiven? Forgotten? Do we still care? Take a dip in our poll.

1acapella      Dolfans let your voices be heard!: Are you a Dolphin fan who sings well enough that the cat doesn't howl? The Dolphins are forming an 8-person a-capella vocal group to perform the national anthem at home games this season and also to make other appearances on behalf of the club. Feels like an epiphany of new entertainment-obsessed owner Stephen Ross. (Also feels like nobody in Ross' inner city has the spheroids to say, "Bad idea, Steve"). It isn't so much a bad idea as a weird one. An a-capella mini-choir sounds about as hip as a barbershop quartet and not exactly NFL-manly. Reminds me of the host of the recent Tony Awards singing, "This show couldn't be gayer if Liza Minelli were mayor." An a-capella troupe called Dolphin Voices? Really? What's next, the Dolphin Repertory Theatre Players? Anyway, if you are capable of singing credibly while sober and are interested, the open tryout will be Saturday, June 27 at 9:30 at BadBeer Stadium. Enter through Gate C.  

1bernie      Kosar is bankrupt: We told you here in the blog a couple of days ago it happened. Bernie Kosar filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in Miami, claiming assets of $1-10 million and liabilities of $10-50 million. A messy divorce and business failings helped sack the former UM quarterback. We wish him well. (Great piece on Kosar in today's paper by Dan Le Batard).

     NCAA screws Old Bobby: [Click on Saving Bobby for my column on this -- newly online and shipping to Saturday's paper]. The NCAA is allowing three termites to fell a giant 1bobbyb redwood. I mean, C'MON!! An FSU tutor and two low-rank staff members feed some answers to athletes taking an online course in [bleep]ing music history (!) and THIS should rewrite college football history by denying Bobby Bowden his shot at the career wins mark? Really? So let me get this straight. A dumbass student-tutor whispers "Bach" to a backup left guard and now Bowden must forfeit 14 wins and cede the all-time crown to Joe Pa? It isn't right. There is no indication the football players involved had any vital role in any of those wins, nor was Bowden in any way involved in the fraud limited to a single course. FSU discovered this issue itself, turned itself in and cooperated fully, but with apparently no favorable mitigation. Punlishment was warranted, but probation and a reduction in scholarships was enough. Vacating wins is excessive. Bowden has worked 50 years to build and grow and earn a legacy, only to have a few pinheads on an infractions committee steal what is his. It's rotten.

     Tiger, Phil and, and, um...: Rain is messing with the U.S. Open at Bethpage Black (Clouds). The tournament includes Tiger Woods, gunning for his 15th major, and Phil Mickelson, playing in honor of his cancer-stricken wife, plus dozens of other guys nobody cares about.

1donte      NFL's swift justice on Stallworth: I have no problem with NFL commisar Roger Goodell suspending Browns WR Donte Stallworth indefinitely without pay in the wake of the player pleading guilty to DUI-manslughter in Miami. Stallworth got off easy in the courts in large part because the victim's family did not press a harsher sentence in exchange for a big wad of money. But the league is free to mete out its own punishment, and is justified in this case. Bottom line: An NFL player driving drunk killed somebody. And he can't pay off the league, as he did the family, to leave it as a wrist-slap.

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