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Heat nets two in draft, UM's McClinton to Spurs; plus website craps on '72 Dolphins, Shaq joins LeBron & more


1farrahFARRAH FAWCETT: 1947-2009, R.I.P.


1beverley       Heat drafts two in second round, trades for one, trades away one: (Click on Heat Lose Ground in East for my draft-day column). Miami acquires No. 42 overall pick Patrick Beverley (pictured), the Arkansas point guard, from the Lakers for a future second-round pick and cash. Heat selects LSU shooting guard Marcus Thornton 43rd overall -- then trades him to New Orleans for 2R picks in 2010 and '12. Miami Hurricane Jack McClinton finally goes 51st overall, to San Antonio. Then the Heat closes the draft with the 60th pick, Memphis forward Robert Dozier, who has the wingspan and perimeter defending Pat Riley loves. Depth picks, obviously. Hoping for one gem. Sort of surprised Miami traded to get a point guard, considering they had a rookie starting at PG last year.

     Preamble: 11:04 pm--NBA vows Miami will select sometime this century. 10:26 pm--The first round has ended. Analysts are calling it the most boring first round ever not involving Mel Kiper Jr. ..... 10:15 pm--It is now being estimated that the Heat's first selection, 43rd overall, will be made in roughly early July. ..... 10:06 pm--Has the draft started yet? ..... 5:33--Pat Riley emerges from Draftcave to deny rumors Miami plans to use 43rd and 60th picks to select Gloria and Emilio Estefan. ..... 4:53 pm--Heat continues to not draft anybody. ..... 2:58 pm--No pick yet. ..... 2:10 pm--Nah. Still nuthin'. ..... 1:01 pm--Heat has yet to make a pick, because draft doesn't start for more than six hours. (Stay tuned for updates).

     Original post: Heat has no first-round pick tonight and selects twice (43rd, 60th) in the second round. Miami has a sketchy record on second-round picks, as you can see by the choices in the following poll. These are about the only five guys ever drafted 2R by Miami who amounted to anything with the club. As a preemptive strike for those thinking WHAT ABOUT MARIO CHALMERS YOU JERK!, I would remind that Chalmers was drafted by Minnesota a year ago and then his rights were acquired by Miami in exchange for two 2009 second-round picks and cash. So he was not an official draft pick of the Heat, who then spent more than a second-rounder to get him -- hence his exclusion from our poll.

     Football website craps on '72 Dolphins: Because it's the offseason and something must be done for 1shula attention, the website Cold, Hard Football Facts denigrates the status of several NFL accomplishments including Miami's 1972 Perfect Season in a piece you'd see by clicking here. This is the kind of thing that drives Don Shula crazy. It's the standard reheating of the fact Miami's schedule that season (70-126 opponents' record) was soft and included only two regular-season teams with winning records, both 8-6. Writeth CHFF: "Miami's 1972 schedule was so easy we wish we dated it in high school." [Cue canned laughter]. It is the same underbaked logic that would undermine Babe Ruth's 714 homers because, for example, he played before integration. Bulletin: You cannot control the era you play in or your competition, as Shula is pictured at left trying to patiently explain. Fact: Miami played the schedule it was given and won every game, and nobody else, no matter the schedule, has done that. Ever. Any questions? Naw, I didn't think so.

1shaqlebron      Shaq headed to Cleveland LeBronaliers: Reports are that Phoenix has agreed today to trade the ghost of Shaquille O'Neal to LeBron James' Cavaliers in exchange for Ben Wallace, Sasha Pavlovic, a second-round pick in tonight's NBA draft, and cash. (Shaq and LeBron are pictured at right dancing with joy). Not sure Shaq has enough game left to push Cleveland over the top in the East. The bigger question: Does Shaq have enough ego left to try to take credit for LeBron like he did with Kobe and D-Wade?

1marlins      Marlins doing good. Shhh!: Psst, don't tell anybody, but the Marlins are over .500 and now only 1 game back in the NL East after winning again tonight. That's between us. 

     Miami doctor linked to Manny Being Busted: ESPN.com is reporting (click here) that a Miami doctor, Pedro Publio Bosch, anjd his son are implicated in having providing Dodger Manny Ramirez the banned performance-enhancing drug that got him suspended.

     Dolphins confirm Estefans involvement: Over a breakfast news conference this morning star-struck 1nayib Dolphins owner Stephen Ross confirmed Miami husband-wife music-making team Gloria and Emilio Estefan now have a (very small) minority ownership stake in the franchise. Gloria already has recorded a version of "Are You Ready For Some Football" to be played at this season's two national ESPN games hosted by the Dolphins. As part of the ownership agreement, Dolfans queued at stadium concession stands will henceforth be said to be waiting in "Conga lines." Also, the Estefans' 28-year-old son, Nayib (pictured at right with his ma), becomes the team's starting left cornerback.

1golfball      Let me ask you something...: ...would it be sexist or in poor taste if I posted in my blog a photo such as the one to the left? See, I'm trying to start running more items having to do with golf and I felt this picture showed proper posture. (Not sure what the woman pictured shot on the front nine, but I think it was 44s).

     Wade, Zo tackle foreclosure crisis: Dwyane Wade and Alonzo Mourning are speaking in Miami black communities today as part of Hope Now Alliance's "Bring Hope Home" national bus tour informing lower-income folks how to get help if facing home foreclosure. Hopefully affected residents will follow Wade's personal advice for avoiding foreclosure, which to to become incredibly rich and positioned to sign a six-year, $120 million contract extension with the Heat.

     NCAA violations odds: BetUS.com odds on which school will be busted next for NCAA violations has USC (8-1) and Ohio State (9-1) on top, which Florida among schoolls at 10-1. FSU is there at 12-1. Miami is not among 25 schools listed. Take that, U-haters!

1school      Caution. Skool Zone!: City of Miami road stencilers misspelled "school" as "scohol" outside Goulds Elementary. Thought it was worth posting the proof before the city requisitions a dictionary and makes a correction.

     That'll do it for now.