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Are Dolphins conceding 2009 as lost cause? (with poll)

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1dolphs      Are the Dolphins acting like a confident, reigning division champion intent on getting better in the short term ... or like a team locked in rebuilding mode and conceding 2009? HEY I'M JUST ASKING!

     It seems to me the Dolphins are sort of waving a white flag and conceding '09 as a lost cause by some of their actions -- or inactions. I explain in a column (click here) that is newly online and shipping to Tuesday's newspaper.

     Miami is not behaving like an 11-5 team, a confident, reigning division titleist trying to take the next step to contention. Instead Miami behaves like a team conceding today for tomorrow, a team still in full rebuilding mode. Major examples include not taking aim at an available premier receiver such as Anquan Boldin and watching as a needed sacker like Jason Taylor is about the sign with the Patriots. 

     I propose the Dolphins should have been more aggressive and more in a win-now mode. I know there is a contrary opinion out there. I find it an interesting discussion in any case. Weigh in. Take a dip in our poll and expound.