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Who'd you rather have: D-Wade, LeBron or Kobe? (with poll); also Taylor back to Dolphins?, WBC odds, March's mad calendar (with poll) & more

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Veronika      [Urgent Tuesday Afternoon Bulletin: Boobs Gone Crazy! The blog is disturbed to have learned that a British woman, Veronika Robinson, breast-feeds her 8-year-old daughter. See picture. If you don't believe it, click here. Evidently some people are unclear on when to stop breast-feeding, so let me offer some simple advice. If your son or daughter is old enough to say, "Mommy, I want milk," point to the fridge].

     D-Wade vs. LeBron vs. Kobe: [Updated Tuesday morning] Dwyane Wade vs. LeBron James in the bayside gym last night. One word: Wow. Eighty-three combined points. Our guy outplayed The King overall, but LBJ will get the props because his team won and he led in points 42-41. The NBA doesn't get much better than Wade v. James, short of finding a way to get Kobe Bryant into the game, too. Time to test your loyalty, Heat fans. And your honesty. Who would you rather have playing for Miami, right now: D-Wade? LeBron? Or Kobe? Take a dip in our poll and drop a comment telling why.

     [Update: The above poll, blazin', has become our 53rd blogpoll to surpass 1,000 votes within the first 24 hours, this one easily so. Interesting results so far. Must note that James' total has crept up since last night's game. Keep those votes coming!]

Aaawade       Wade overtaking Marino?: My latest column, in Monday's paper and online now, is onAaamarino Dwyane Wade' serious encroachment on Dan Marino's long-held title as South Florida's greatest pro sports athete. Click on Flash Makes His Move to access the column. I don't think we have ever had an athlete here more gifted at what he does than D-Wade. Your thoughts welcome.

     Skins cut Jason Taylor, Dolphs release Holliday: Hmm. Interesting. The Dolphins releasing 33-year-old DE Vonnie Holliday was entirely expected and plainly smart from a financial standpoint. Expect Holliday to fail to get a better deal elsewhere and probably re-sign with Miami for less money. I hope that happens. He is a valuable veteran on and off the field, and from a media standpoint, an absolute delight and class act. But, BUT! Washington cut ex-Dolphin Taylor, 34, soon after. So, the question: Would Miami want Taylor back? Would you?

     As the sports go March-ing in: March is always the most crowded month on our local sports calendar. If you can't find something you like in March, you died and nobody told you. What is your favorite sports event this month? Take a dip in our poll below. (By the way, I purposely did not include UM spring football practice or Dolphins free agency. Trying to get you people to think outside the football box).

     U.S. favored in World Baseball Classic: Bodog sends the blog just-released WBC odds that show USA a favorite to win the 16-nation event at 2-1 odds, but with the A-Roid-led Dominican Republic right behind at 5-2. Next come Japan (9-2) and Cuba (7-1). America's toughest group competition figures to come from Venezuela.

     Vick's comeback odds: BetUS.com puts Oakland (3-1 odds) and Dallas (4-1) as the most likely teams to sign a freed Michael Vick. My question: Should Raiders and Cowboys fans feel elation or dread?   

     Thanks, chatters: Back-slaps to all who joined in on our Monday live online chat. We do it every week from 1-2 p.m. Click here to join live on Mondays, to read transcripts of past chats, or to post a question/comment at any time.

     And thanks, bloggers: Miami Herald online readership/visitation stats for February show our little ol' blog ranked a solid sixth of 50 blogs at the paper. And we rank second, trailing only King Dave Barry, among personality-driven blogs not anchored to one subject or beat. Thanks much. You all are the best!

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