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Dolphins eyeing WVU's Pat White for Wildcat; plus Dawson snubbed, playoff picks, Pedro, Tebow & more

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     A new mess o' miscellania, all free and just for you...

     The Dolphins are intrigued by West Virginia quarterback Pat White in the upcoming April NFL Draft with an eye on his having a major role in the team's Wildcat offensive variation next season. That's according to a source of ours who is privvy to personnel guru Bill Parcells telling an associate exactly that within the past few days.

     This is interesting on a couple of fronts. 1) It suggests Tuna is actively engaged in draft planning and has every intention of staying on despite recent speculation. 2) It indicates Miami feels there is much life left in the Wildcat and many ways to expand it.

Aaa1patleft Aaa1patright      Most draft estimates have the 6-foot, 192-pound White as a 3rd or 4th round pick. NFLdraftscout.com rates him as the fifth best QB in the draft and 93rd overall. White would lend more of a passing threat to the Wildcat offense than current Wildcat hub Ronnie Brown. The Dolphins are intrigued by White's dual-threat possibilities and also see him as a winner, aware he has a 4-0 bowl record and was MVP in the past three of them.

CAaa1hendersonooperstown rejects Dawson again: Leadoff-man extraordinaire Rickey Henderson (pictured) and slugger Jim Rice today became the newest inductees into Baseball Hall of Fame, Henderson easily, Rice barely. Third in the vote but denied again: Miamian Andre Dawson, the Bob Kuechenberg of baseball. For the record, Rice batted .298 for his career with 382 homers, 1,451 RBIs and eight All-Satr appearances. Dawson batted .279 with 438 HRs, 1,591 RBIs and eight All-Star appearances. Dawson had 361 votes, 44 short of what was required. He is deserving.

     Pedro Martinez to Marlins?: ESPNdeportes.com has reported talks are underway. Marlins sources deny any interest. I tend to believe the latter. Pedro-to-Marlins would have been pretty darned exciting even a couple of years ago. Now, by my view he's just 37, injury-marred and fading fast.

     NFL playoff predix results: Went only 2-2 overall in the divisional round but a perfect 4-0 against the spread. Picked Ravens' upset win outright, had Steelers covering, and had 'dog Cards and Eagles with the points.

     Happy days are here again!: UM men's basketball coming off a huge win at Boston College. Panthers only one point off playoff pace at the NHL all-star break. Heat on pace to make playoffs. Dolphins coming off a resurgent season. Geez, thank God for Canes football or we'd have nothing to complain about!

    Good for Tebow: Refreshing of Florida Gators QB TimTebow to announce he'll be back for his senior season. He has won a Heisman, has two national championship rings and had every reason to go chasing NFL dollars now, but opted for the collegiate experience full-term. How can you not root for this kid? (Although I can do without the "John 3:16" on the eye-black, Timmy. Don't like it when religion is worn on the sleeve like that. Separation of church and sports, por favor).

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