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Back from abyss, Week 5 pix, Shaun Livingston, Jason's gift, debate

Aaa1cote Aaa1back_2     Quick little pile of miscellania...

     "Once I was lost, but now I am found": Is that from a movie? From the Bible? Am I a heathen for not knowing? Anyway, this blog, buried in the newspaper's website re-design, has now been restored to a permanent place of prominence: the UPPER LEFTHAND CORNER OF THE WEBSITE'S MAIN SPORTS HOMEPAGE. Look for the mug at right, painful as that may be. It'll be there every day, same spot, easy to see, impossible to miss. And thanks to all for your patience, and for your many e-mails that led to this.

      NFL Week 5 pix: Click on W5P for this week's wild guesses thoughtful predictions, which include Chargers beating Dolphins, but barely. Do you agree? Click on Chill the Champagne for today's column by me on how the '72 Dolphins' Perfect Season is facing no threat whatsoever this year.

Aaa1shaunl_2      Is Shaun Livingston a big deal?: Heat supposedly solved its starting point guard problem with the signing early this (Friday) evening of free agent Shaun Livingston. Not sure I see it. Do you? Click on SL Stats for Livingston's career numbers. Does a 7.4 scoring aveage and 4.8 assists in three seasons as a Clippers parttime starter excite us all that much? Plus, he hasn't played since February '07, still is rehabbing from the knee injury and likely would miss the first chunk of the coming season. Don't get me wrong. I think it's a smart gamble to sign him. He's a 6-7 former lottery pick, still only 23. But does he answer the starting point guard question? Not unequivocally, and certainly not immediately.

Aaa1jt2_2      Jason Taylor's thank-you list: I was among the local mediaites on the Taylor thank-you list you may have heard about. We all got the same form letter, with "Dear Greg" replacing Dear Dave or Dear Armando or whatever. Still, thought that counts, and typically classy of Jason. He also tried to give us all a leather computer bag as a gift, but The Herald's ethics policy prevents us (well, most of us) from accepting. I asked my big boss if I could take the gift to then give it to a Dolfan in a raffle in the blog, but was told no. Oh well.

     Marlins re-sign Wes Helms: Just announced. Smart move. Good clubhouse vet, infield utility and and very solid pinch-hitter.

Aaa1apalin      Who won the debate last night?: I thought Biden won on substance but that Palin far-exceeded low expectations. Honestly, though, if I have to bear that woman's unfathomably annoying voice and mannerisms for four years, I believe I may go insane.