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Who should be Dolphins and Canes' starting QBs? (with polls)

     The Dolphins say rookie Chad Henne remains in the running to win the quarterback job most have assumed will be veteran Chad Pennington's. Down at the University of Miami, it's also a two-man battle between redshirt-freshman Robert Marve and true freshman Jacory Harris.

     Weigh in, fans. Who do you hope emerges and wins each battle?

     Partake of The Not Quite Daily Polls -- one each for Dolphins and UM -- and drop a comment explaining your logic.

     [Poll note: The above are our 31st and 32nd blog polls to blast past 1,000 votes within the first 24 hours, these doing so in just a few hours. Thanks, and keep those votes coming. (Didn't think the votes in either case would be quite so lopsided. Good stuff!)].