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PS4: Dolphins 14, New Orleans 10 (Final); Henne sharp, Ronnie's back

Aaad Aaa1nosaints    [Bulletin: Hey Dolfans. You stink! That's not me saying that. It's ESPN.com. They rank NFL fans 1 to 32, and Miami's are rated a lowly 28th. Click here for the list. Ouch!]

    Dolphins win at Saints, 14-10, to finish a 3-1 preseason. Chad Henne was sharp (16-20, 137 yards, one TD) other than one interception, and Ronnie Brown (12 carries, 47 yards) mostly seemed like himself. Like I've said before: If Brown is healthy -- if -- he should start ahead of Ricky Williams. As for the QB matter, still doubt Miami should or will keep all four, and if you have stock in Josh McCown, please divest immediately.

     Comments welcome here in the wake of the game. Who most impressed you or didn't? And the big question rising out of this one, of course: How improved and how ready are the Dolphins for the Jets opener and for 2008?

    Original post:

     Dolphins (2-1 in pretend games) wrap up the preseason tonight at the home of the presumed playoff-contending New Orleans Saints. Officially named starting quarterback Chad Pennington is sure to get a good amount of first-half work, but Miami also will want to see a bunch of borderline players, with final cuts in mind.

     I'll be unable to live-blog during the game save for perhaps an occasional update, because I'll be covering the Hurricanes' season opener going on concurrently at Dolphin Stadium. Nevertheless, I invite you to talk amongst yourselves.