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Fantasy football draft: Help! (with poll)

Aaa1ff_2     Characteristically at least a decade behind all trends, I finally got into fantasy football last year, albeit reluctantly, agreeing to fill a late opening in my son's league. Enjoyed the hell out of it. Lucked into a strong team. Broke with custom and drafted a quarterback first, and damn if Tom Brady didn't have a pretty good year.

     Partake of The Not Quite Daily Poll below, and drop us a comment sharing your fantasy-drafting philosophy. I remain a fantasy neophyte and seek wisdom, such as, "Whatever you do, draft Jim Sorgi!" 

     Who is 2008's most overrated fantasy player? And who is your steal pick this year, the guy you'll get funny looks for taking so soon but who'll have a big season? Also, how many leagues are you in? I'll be in two this year but I think that's pushing it.

     (By the way, one indication of the Dolphins' lack of playmakers: Miami's only guys in ESPN's fantasy Top 200 are Ronnie Brown 31st, Ricky Williams 146th and Ted Ginn 153rd. And I'm thinking Brown's rehab status makes him even a second-round risk, no?)   


     [Postscript: Lot of Internet buzz today over Tiki Barber supposedly uttering the c-word (hint: rhymes with punt) on national TV. Click on Oops to listen. Happens about 30 seconds in. I think he says it, obviously inadvertantly. That this would be a big deal verifies how easily amused or outraged we are].