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Beck to Ravens?, Gregg era closing, pantsuits, NFL by race, D-Wade, upright corpses and more

     A brand new load o' miscellania, just for you, and all free...

Aaa1cam      Dolphins' John Beck to Baltimore?: Well it sure makes sense. Ravens quarterback Kyle Boller is facing possible season-ending shoulder surgery (click here for story), leaving the Birds with only Troy Smith and Joe Flacco. And who is Baltimore's offensive coordinator? You know it: Cam Cameron (pictured), the man who was high enough on Beck to have drafted him. The Ravens' urgency might be enough to make Beck worth more in trade than he otherwise might be. Thoughts?

     Over/under on Pennington, other Dolphin stats: Statistical betting over/unders from our friends at Bodog: Chad Pennington passing yards, 2,800; Ronnie Brown rushing yards, 900; Ted Ginn receiving yards, 840; Ricky Williams rushing yards, 750.

     Enough of Kevin Gregg already!: I'm sure you've seen that public-service announcement. We need Aaa1gregg to re-record it as such: "Hi I'm Kevin Gregg of the Marlins, and I care. I don't smoke, I don't dip, I don't chew, and I don't close games very well." There are bunches of reasons why the Marlins' playoff hopes are skidding down a sharp, greased slope, but a chief culprit is pictured here. If I'm Fredi Gonzalez at this point, I'm closing by committee with my hot hand, whether it's Matt Lindstrom, Arthur Rhodes, Joe Nelson -- anybody but the Dudley Doright lookalike with the propensity for killing walks.

Aaa1hill      Sartorially speaking: Anybody catch Hillary Clinton's speech last night at the Democratic national Convention? I was so inspired I went out and bought, and am now wearing, a burnt-orange pantsuit.

     NFL in black and white: Richard Lapchick's latest Racial and Gender Study for the NFL gives the league an overall B+ grade for its hiring practices related to diversity. The league's player makeup is 66 percent African-American and 31% white. Broken down, the "whitest positions" are center (77-18%), quarterback (76-19) and offensive guard (59-35). The "blackest positions" are cornerback (97-2), running back (89-9) and wide receiver (89-10). That's in case anyone should ask!

     Missoula to Miami: My latest column, online now and in today's paper, is on The Unlikeliest Dolphin, new kicker Dan Carpenter. Click on Foot of the Mountains to read. Hard not to root for this kid.

     Rate my fantasy team: Here are my drafted starters in my first of two leagues: QB Tom Brady (3rd overall pick); RB Ryan Grant (22nd); WR Marques Colston (27th); RB Willie Parker (46th); WR Hines Ward (51st); TE Todd Heap (70th); DEF Seattle (75th); and PK nick Folk (93rd). Decent team or no?

Aaa1batman1_4     Even Batman not immune to high gas prices: Sad, isn't it?

     MGM Mirage latest odds: Chances of Dolphins winning the Super Bowl have increased from 150-1 (tied for last) on Jan. 13 to 75-1 (third from last ahead of Chiefs and Falcons) this week. Chances of UM winning the BCS national title have increased from 60-1 on April 18 to 50-1 this week.

     "I was wrong": Make a note of this because I don't say it too often. I think I was wrong in suggesting Dwyane Wade would be better off rehabbing quietly back home for the coming NBA season than participating in the Olympics. It isn't the gold that swayed me. In Beijing, D-Wade was able prove to doubters -- and to himself -- that he is fully back in a way he couldn't have in a gym.

     Dancing With the Athletes: Warren Sapp, Maurice Greene and Misty May-Treanor will be among competitors on the new season of Bill Parcell's favorite show, Dancing With the Stars. And Marlin Matt Treanor thought he got asked about the Olympics a lot!?

     Speak English, dammit!: At the risk of sounding like I'm flying the America-love-it-or-leave-it flag, I agree with the LPGA's new rule requiring players to have basic English skills. The onslaught of South Korean players threatens to smother women's golf in this country.

Aaa1corpse     Corpse kept upright for three-day wake: See left. Click here for the creepy details if you think you can stand it.

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