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Favre to Dolphins? (with poll); trade hurts Marlins; TV dumps Marino; A-Rod's divorce; Isle of Capri and more

     A brand new mess o' miscellania, just for you...

     [By the way, thanks to all who contributed to the "You. This Blog. Two Questions" post. Keep those thoughts coming. I'll respond in a separate post in a day or two. Thanks also to those who joined today in our live online chat. We do it every Monday from 1-2 p.m.]

Aaa1brett      FAVRE TO DOLPHINS?: Hey don't blame me. I didn't start this. The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel did, with a column speculating Miami among logical landing spots for Favre if he un-retires as now seems quite possible. Read the latest out of Packtown here. Sure sounds like Favre has the itch to play. And sure seems like Brett would be a huge upgrade over Josh McCown as a one-year stopgap while kiddie QBs John Beck and Chad Henne develop. Click on Favrelous for my column on this, online now and shipping to Tuesday's paper. Meantime, your thoughts are invited. Partake of The Daily Poll and expound with a comment.

     By the way, just finished reading a predictably contrary opinion on the Favre matter in another of my paper's blogs. A bit snipey, yes? So I would volley a tweak in return by noting the same writer broadcast his Dolphins expertise last August by predicting a playoff year for the team that would go 1-15. You could look it up! :) 

     [Note: Congrats once again. Because of you, the above is our 24th blog poll to surpass 1,000 votes within the first 24 hours. Keep 'em coming. Pretty close battle].

     NIGHTLIFE SIGHTINGS: On the same recent night at the Riverfront in downtown Fort Lauderdale: Kimbo Slice and his 'Team 305'-shirt-clad posse in the VIP room upstairs at Art Bar ... and Dolphins rookie Jake Long with four other rookies nearby at Automatic Slims. Do I need to tell you who drew the most attention by far? Starts with a K.

     A-ROD'S DIVORCE: The wife of Miami's own Alex Rodriguez has hired filed for divorce, citing extramarital affairs, and A-Rod in turn has hired Shaquille O'Neal's divorce lawyer, Ira Elegant. Read the latest gossip here. Sad for them both, with two young kids involved. He's filthy rich and she'll get a huge chunk, but money doesn't heal all.

     SABATHIA DEAL BAD FOR MARLINS: Cleveland trading pitcher C.C. Sabathia to Milwaukee deals a blow to the Marlins' playoff hopes. If Florida can't beat Philly to win the NL East, the Brewers and Cardinals are the teams the Fish must catch in the wild-card chase. And Milwaukee just got a good bit harder to catch.

Aaa1cheddar      DEAR GREG...: ... Your blog's OK, but would be much better if occasionally you would show a photo of a 2000-pound block of cheddar cheese depicting the signing of the Declaration of Indepedence. Thanks.

     MARINO SACKED: USA Today reporting today that Inside the NFL, in its move from HBO to Showtime, has dumped Dan Marino in favor of Phil Simms.

Aaa1rafa      THE ISLE OF CAPRI (PANTS): People are buzzing about Rafael Nadal's five-set Wimbledon win over Roger Federer yesterday. Great match. And now a great rivalry, something that golf and women's tennis lacks. Nadal seems like a nice kid as well as a terrific player. One suggestion, though: Check into some sleeves. Hide the guns, and while you're at it, Rafa, try men's pants. 

     YOUTUBE FIND DU JOUR: Click here for a somewhat amazing jam featuring Little Richard, Ray Charles, B.B. King, James Brown, Bo Diddley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Fats Domino and possibly other luminaries who escaped my eye.

Aaa1ana      GRATUITOUS SEXIST PHOTO DU JOUR: Tennis player Ana Ivanovic (left) appearing provocatively in the August FHM magazine. Which reminds me: Lilly, a Dolphins cheerleader, is appearing in Maxim's NFL preview issue. Click here for her photo shoot. Not that I condone this sort of thing!

     A PERSONAL FAREWELL: An outstanding editor named Bill Van Smith just retired from The Herald after some 40 years, and I think the newspaper will miss him almost as much as I do. In my long tenure at the paper, only Sir Edwin Pope himself has been a greater presence in our department. Farewell, BVS, and keep 'em in the fairway!

     Check back. Might be adding more stuff here later.