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Brett Favre; Marlins vs. Norman Braman (with poll); Heat signing; steroids and more

     [SATURDAY MORNING BRETT FAVRE UPDATE: ESPN's website has a speculative piece (click here) rating all 32 teams' likelihood of ending up with Brett Favre now that his unretirement is all but official. The Dolphins are ranked ninth, in the 'Other possible options' category, with a comment that Favre could "show Henne the way." Don't let anybody tell you otherwise: With Jason Taylor as a bargaining chip, Favre-to-Miami is in play if (admittedly a big if) Team Tuna wants to pursue it].

     BRAMAN VS. MARLINS: I know. It was officially "Braman v. Miami-Dade County, et al," in the local auto magnate's suit to halt the county's $3 billion downtown development project. But practically speaking it's also Braman v. Marlins considering the club's at-long-last-approved new stadium is an important piece of the megaplan. Click here for Thursday's column by me. The judge quickly halted the trial and ordered the sides back to mediation, but the issue remains the same. I've had my piece, now you play judge. Partake of The Daily Poll and expound with a comment.

     HEAT SIGNS THREE-POINT ACE: Miami has back the three-point threat it lost with Jason Kapono now that ex-Cane James Jones is back in town. Double-J, a 6-8 swingman, shot 44.4 percent from beyond the arc last season with Portland and will be a shooter off the bench in the Heat rotation. You'd not call this a major free-agent signing -- Jones is a role player now on his fourth team entering his sixth NBA year -- but it could be an important one not only for what it means but for what it portends. It all but assures Ricky Davis is outta here, and suggests the Dorell Wright experiment is about done, too. It also suggests Miami will target its main needs, point guard or center, if it deals Shawn Marion.

    HOW STEROIDS CHEAT EVERYBODY: Click here for the latest column by me online now and shipping to Friday's paper. I use swimmer Dara Torres, 41, as an example.

     R.I.P., FRANK: Personal note. A dear friend of mine, Frank Touri, has passed away. Former big-band drummer. Mayor of Appleby's. Once and forever king of our block. God bless, Frank.

     BOB RUBIN SIGHTING!: Any of you old-time Herald readers remember our very fine former sports columnist, Bob Rubin? Sure you do. Well Bob, a mentor of mine, is alive and well and living in Weston. We played golf at Bonaventure this morning. Badly. He sends a special shout-out to my bloggerhood. Well, I'm sure he might have, had I asked him to.

     VACATION/BLOG ADVISORY: Me and the fam will be setting out on a week's vacation this coming week. That means A) the newspaper's readers will get a needed break from me, and B) my regular Monday live online chat will take a week's hiatus. However, THE BLOG NEVER SLEEPS! I'll be dragging my laptop with me and feeding the beast from the road, details to come.