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Manny Being Marlin? (with poll) No. But it was a good try!

Aaa1manny_3     [Thursday afternoon update: It's official. Manny is now being Manny in Los Angeles, not in Boston, not in Miami. He's a Dodger now. The Manny-to-Miami deal did not happen, after all. You know what, though? I give the Marlins credit for what apparently was a very serious effort to make a very significant deal aimed solely at this pennant race and the 2008 postseason. I have crirticized Marlins ownership often over the years for the fire sales and for always seeming to build (cheaply) toward the future rather than playing to win now. The Manny talks were a refreshing change for this club. It didn't work out, apparently. But the good-faith effort was there]. 

     Original post:

     Stunningly, ESPN.com's very reliable Peter Gammons first reported Wednesday that the Red Sox and Marlins were in "serious discussions" to trade disgruntled superstar slugger Manny Ramirez to Florida. Gammons more recently called the deal "unlikely," but the fact negotiations continue and the trade remains possible is a major story. The trade deadline is today/Thursday at 4 p.m.

     (By the way, I see a colleague evidently liked my "Manny Being Marlin" headline posted here last night enough to borrow it for his lead in today's paper. It's OK, dude. Just buy me a beer). 

     Reports are the Red Sox also would give up "cash considerations" to offset Manny's enormous salary, while the Marlins would send Jeremy Hermida (or possibly Josh Willingham) to Boston, reportedly along with young pitcher Ryan Tucker and outfield prospect Michael Stanton.

     Other possibilities swirl about, including a three-way trade involving the Pirates.

     Manny's bat would give the Fish that much more offensive punch for the stretch playoff run, be a statement of serious postseason intentions, and also presumably boost attendance. But how would Manny's mercurial personality play in what is now a very favorable clubhouse chemistry? And do you want to give up three young players for a 36-year-old veteran who'd be a free agent after the season?

     For sure Manny would be unlikely to exercise his trade-veto powers, considering he has a home in Weston and his kids are in school down here.

     Let's say the deal would be Ramirez and cash in exchange for Hermida or Willingham and a couple of prospects such as Tucker and Stanton. Would you make the trade? Play "Deal Or No Deal." Partake of The Daily Poll and share your reasoning in a comment.

     Speaking of the third option above: Can you believe the Dolphins have invited Quincy Carter in for a tryout at quarterback? QUINCY CARTER!? Good Lord. Let's hope this is simply a gesture by a former coach (Bill Parcells) to remind the NFL Carter is still alive and seeking work. Because if this is the Dolphins thinking Quincy Carter may be any sort of upgrade, it means confidence and faith in Josh McCown/John Beck/Chad Henne has reached a critically low level. I mean, seriously.