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Taylor's place in Dolphins history (with poll), Wade's failure, UM hoops ranked 145th, mascots and more

     [Thursday update: Cam Cameron apparently was the Dolphins' head coach again for about 10 minutes today! The club sent out a training camp advisory to local media early this afternoon, but it was mistakenly the one from last year's camp, touting Cameron's debut. Oops! A revised release was quickly forthcoming.].

     The newest batch of miscellania, just for you...    

     Judging Jason: Now that he's gone and his Dolphins' body of work is complete, it is fair to judge Jason Taylor's place among the franchise's all-time greatest defenders. Our alphabetical finalists include defensive players who are in the Hall of Fame, individually on the team's Honor Roll, or made at least five Pro Bowls. Partake of The Daily Poll. Then leave a comment telling why you voted as you did, or who most should have been on the list but wasn't. Click here for my column making the case for Taylor. Meantime, have your say.

     [Poll update: Congrats, again. You helped make the above our 26th web poll to surpass 1,000 votes within the first 24 hours. Thanks. And keep 'em comin'!]

     [Jason Taylor postscript: Many fans who don't know any better (and a few mediaites who should) are making way, way too much of Taylor's current stated intention to play as long as he can vs. his earlier public suggestion of playing only one more season. Players who say they are retiring often don't, and vice versa. Ever heard of Brett Favre? Taylor changing his public stance to please his new team is not the least bit surprising. Nor would it be the least bit surprising if after this season he announced he was done].   

     Why D.Wade's Sports Grill failed: A lawsuit by his business partners blames Dwyane Wade's lack of Aaa1dwyane promotion. Uh uh. Sorry. Too easy. Too simple an excuse. Based on reports from two people I know who lunched separately at the just-closed Fort Lauderdale location, D.Wade's Sports Grill failed because the food was unoriginally mediocre, the service was indifferently slow, and you only get one chance to win over customers in an intensely crowded, competitive business. Photos on the wall won't cut it if the food on the plate doesn't. Investors thinks they can stick a sports star's name on a restaurant and that'll make up for what's missing on the menu and in the wait staff? No. That doesn't work even when the economy isn't bad. Wade's eponymous venture didn't fail because the Heat star didn't pimp it enough. D.Wade's Sports Grill failed because it sucked.

    Shockey a Saint. That's a good one!: The relieved Giants unloaded nuisance tight end Jeremy Shockey in a trade to New Orleans. Reasons to be glad the ex-Cane didn't somehow end up in Miami: Ego, injuries, inconsistency, me-me-me-me. 

    "We're No. 145! We're No. 145!": ESPN, in love with lists, this week ranks the most prestigious programs in the modern era of college basketball. The top 30 is yet to come. So far, UM is ranked in a tie for 145th, FAU in a tie for 233rd and FIU in a tie for 260th. Oy! Click here.

     Michelle Wie = Shameless: Michelle Wie is playing in another PGA Tour event on a sponsor's exemption. I propose a new rule: Until you prove you can win a women's tournament, you can't play in a men's tournament.


Important mascot news!: Random Evidence has learned exclusively that Billy the MarlAaa1ibisin and UM's Sebastian the Ibis are among six pro and six collegiate nominees for 2008 induction into the Mascot Hall of Fame. No state of Florida mascot has been among the 14 inductees in the Hall's four-year history. Click here for the MHOF website. Voting begins in August.

     Sporting fact that seems ridiculous but is actually true: A round of golf is 18 holes, so determined in ancient Scotland, because there are precisely 18 shots in a fifth of scotch.

     Tuna talks! Sort of: HBO has sent out a transcript of a Bill Parcells interview airing at 10 tonight. I'd give you the link, except Tuna didn't say much that was either interesting, or illuminating.

     Naughty, randy Chris Evert: Chris Evert admits in an upcoming Vogue interview that her marriage to Greg Norman began as an extramarital affair. Oh-my-god-what-a-bleepin'-SHOCK!!!!!

     Headlines You Thought You'd Never See, one in a series: Click here. My question: How'd it get past the cheddar detector.

     Check back. Probably be adding more stuff to this post later.