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Vote Uggla '08, giving away Olli, George Carlin

Aaa1carlin     [Update: Just realized I have Uggla below with 24 homers. He only has 23. I'm not wrong, exactly, just predicting the future! By the way, the new Sports Illustrated on newstands Wednesday 25th has a nice feature on Uggla, who, if he keeps this up, may go down as Our Greatest Dan Since Marino]. 

     [Bulletin: George Carlin, one of the all-time great comics/social commentators, has died at 71. Followed him since the '70s. Saw him in Vegas a few years ago. Terrific, mind-bending stuff right 'til the end. R.I.P.]

     OAaa1danu_3K it's time to do some shameless campaigning for the local guy. I feel it's my civic duty. Marlins second baseman Dan Uggla is running only fourth in NL all-star voting despite leading the league in home runs (24), playing great defense and generally being a legitimate MVP candidate.

     This is not right. And we can do something about it. Join a grass-roots campaign, Vote Uggla '08. Vote for Uggla as many as 25 times, the allowable maximum, and email the link to as many like-minded friends as possible and exhort them to do the same. You can make a difference! And even if you can't, it'll make you feel good. It's almost like doing charity work, but without spending anything but a few minutes.

     (Shortstop Hanley Ramirez could use your vote, too. He's running a close second. But that's about where he should be. Uggla is the guy having the better year and deserving better than he's getting).

     Click on Vote Uggla '08 to access the official MLB online ballot. Vote-vote-vote. Then copy the link and forward it like crazy. Do not delay. Uggla is pictured here waving at you, thanking you in advance for your support.

     GIVING AWAY OLLI: The Panthers last night traded longtime captain and most-reliable-scorer Olli Aaa1olli Jokinen to Phoenix for a low-second-round draft pick and two OK defensemen in Nick Boynton and Keith Ballard. It was a grade trade...for Phoenix. I wasn't against dealing Olli. The Cats never made the playoffs with him, it's obvious there were conflicts between him and GM Jacques Martin, and "fresh start" is a good thing when dealing with a playoff drought like this one. But what about the first-round pick he was worth and they were after? The Coyotes get a very, very good player. The Panthers get two OKs and a maybe. Seems Florida did the same thing with Olli that the Dolphins have done with Jason Taylor: Wait too long to trade him, and settle for what they could get.