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BeasleyBeasleyBeasleyBeasley! (and more)

Aaa1beasley_4    The fresh new mess o'  miscellania, all free, just for you...

    [Note: We'll have a separate post within moments after the Heat makes its top pick this evening, with a poll, so get those instant opinions ready!] 

     IT'S MICHAEL BEASLEY DAY IN SOUTH FLORIDA: Better be, right? The Heat needs to pick Kansas State forward Michael Beasley with the NBA Draft's No. 2 overall pick tonight. They ought not draft-and-trade, nor should they settle for the best point guard not named Derrick Rose, who'll go No. 1. Beasley is a special talent. Click here to read today's column by me on the Heat and draft and Beasley. Then give me your take.

     UH-OH TIME FOR MARLINS?: Swept away at home. Three bad losses in a row to Tampa Bay knocks the Marlins down to only two games over .500. Now it's three here vs. the division leading D-Backs, three vs. the Nationals, then 11 in a row on the road heading into the All-Star break. Florida will prove it is a contender, or prove itself a pretender, over the next two-plus weeks.

Aaa1cardigan_3     WIMBLEDON FASHION REPORT: Roger Federer's herringbone cardigan. Maria Sharapova's "tux-inspired" ensemble. Raise your hand if your'e as tired as me of so much attention being paid tennis outfits. The exception: Rafael Nadal's Capri pants, which can never be mocked enough.

     SHAQ ATTACK UPDATE: Shaquille O'Neal's profane freestyle rap targeting Kobe Bryant (see post below this one for video) has cost him his special deputy's badge in Maricopa County, Ariz. The video does not prove Shaq would make a bad police officer, but the video does prove he makes a bad rapper. Worst of all? "Tell me how my a-- taste" surely has entered the lexicon as the newest put-down.

Aaa1jennie     WE INTERUPT THIS BLOG POST...: ...to bring you a gratuitous photo of U.S. Olympic softball player Jennie Finch in a bikini.

     DOLPHINS' NEW AD CAMPAIGN: Have you seen it? It revolves around the new triumvirate of VP Bill Parcells, GM Jeff Ireland and coach Tony Sparano. Hmm. Not sure, but I don't know that it's a good sign when you can't find a single player to thusly promote.Aaa1sports_bra_2

     AS CAREER MOVES GO...: Grabbing your general manager by the neck and throwing him to the ground as Astros pitcher Shawn Chacon did probably is not one. Do you think Scott Olsen can recommend a good anger-management class?

     IN HONOR OF THE HEROIC SPORTS BRA: Click here for an astonishing headline you thought you'd never see. This marks a dramatic resurgence for the underachieving sports bra, which hadn't saved anyone or anything since combining with Brandi Chastain to briefly save women's soccer in 1999.

     IT'S FRESNO STATE...: ...prevailing over Georgia Wednesday night in Omaha to win the We No Longer Give a Rat's Ass About the College World Series Because UM Got Eliminated. 




    OFFICIALS ARE AT A LOSS TO EXPLAIN...: ...why golf has suddenly become so popular with young boys in Bloomfield, Colo.

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