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Is Wade in Olympics good? (with poll), Shaq rap slams Kobe (with video)

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Aaa1dwade      To no one's surprise Heater Dwyane Wade was named today to the U.S. Olympic basketball team, although I think it continues to be fair to wonder if this is necessarily good news for Wade, the Heat or the Olympic team.

     Wade still is rehabbing from shoulder and knee surgeries and is not, right now, physically fit to compete all-out. The Olympic team convenes July 20 in Vegas before heading to Beijing.

     "Dwyane we fill will be healthy by then," U.S. coach Mike Krzyzewski said Monday. "We wouldn't use him 'til we got medical clearance [from the Heat]. And he thinks he's well on the way to getting that. By July 20 he thinks he'll be 100 percent."

     At issue: Whether Wade will hurry back too soon to play in the Olympics, whether medical clearance may be rushed to satisfy him, and whether the risk of re-injury is too great. Would Wade and the Heat be better off if he skipped the Olympics and geared all focus on being ready for the NBA season?

     Wade being his old self by late October in Miami is more important than him trying to be his old self in Beijing in August. Nothing including Thursday's No. 2 overall pick is as crucial to the Heat as Wade returning to dominating, elite form.

     We invite you to dip into The Daily Poll and expound with a comment.

     By the way, have some new draft odds from bodog.com. On what will happen with Miami's pick at No. 2. Odds are 1/3 they draft Michael Beasley and keep him; 4/1 they trade the pick or draft Beasley and trade him; 9/2 they draft O.J. Mayo; and 3/1 they draft soembody else.

     "TELL ME HOW MY A-- TASTE": Hey that's not me saying that. That's Shaquille O'Neal with a fresh rap last night in New York that slams Kobe Bryant. Fairly shocking. Click here to hear it. And let us know what you think.