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How many wins for Dolphins? (with The Daily Poll)

     OK, folks. This is your official Dolfans' Progress Report now that offseason practices ended Thursday and the team doesn't reconvene until preseason training camp in five weeks or so.

        You have weathered 1-15. Seen all the coaching and administrative changes. Considered the free-agAaa1sparanoent signings. Mulled the draft. WeigheAaa1longd the minicamps and the OTAs. You know major questioAaa1questionns remain (especially who'll be the starting QB and the future of Jason Taylor), but chances are by now you feel you have begun to have a decent sense of how improved Miami will be in '08.

     So tell us. Tell each other.

     Vote in our poll -- try to make it a realistic prediction of how you expect they will do, not what you hope -- and offer a comment on why you voted as you did. Share your sense of how the Tony 'n Tuna Show is doing so far. What is your most pleasant surprise and biggest concern?

     We'll have a similar poll just before the regular season, but let's see where expectations are now.