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Aaa1beasley_2      After all of the speculation, rumors, smokescreens and possibilities, the Heat did the simplest, safest thing with the NBA Draft's second pick Thursday night, and what I hoped they would: They drafted Michael Beasley, the big-scoring, big-rebounding Kansas State forward. To have and to hold -- not to trade.

     This was sort of expected, yet, given all the talk about O.J. Mayo and Jerryd Bayless and trades, it wasn't a given Miami would select Beasley until the very moment commissioner David Stern called his name. Thankfully Pat Riley quickly gave assurances Miami planned to keep Beasley.

     Your thoughts on the selection are invited. Partake of The Daily Poll and expound with a comment.

     But it wasn't just Beasley at the top that made this a big, positive Heat draft. What were the odds that Miami would land three players and that one would be from Kanasas State and the other two both would be from Kansas?

     Big get to score point guard Mario Chalmers in a trade. Miami gave up a lot (two 2009 second-rounders plus cash), but gets a quality guy in a big need-position, and a great defender. Also liked the Darnell Jackson pick. Miami then traded Jackson to get one of those second-round picks back, so that's a wash.

     A question: Does a nucleus of Dwyane Wade, Beasley and (maybe) Shawn Marion make Miami an instant player in the Eastern Conference? How optimistic are you right now?

   [Note: Congrats. You all made this our 22nd blog poll to surpass 1,000 votes within 24 hours, this one easily. Keep the votes coming!]