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Dolphin Honor Roll (with poll), Canes win, Tiger wins, Lakers win and more

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     A fresh Monday update for our latest free pile o' miscellania...

Aaa1baum Aaa1betters      DOLPHIN HONOR ROLL: Two of the "Killer B's," Bob Baumhower and Doug Betters (pictured), were revealed as the latest on the Dolphin Honor Roll. They'll join (chronologically) Joe Robbie, Larry Csonka, Bob Griese, Jim Langer, Paul Warfield, Nick Buoniconti, 1972 Undefeated Team, Larry Little, Dwight Stephenson, Bob Kuechenberg, Don Shula, Nat Moore, Dan Marino, Mark Clayton and Mark Duper, Dick Anderson and Richmond Webb. The question: Who's missing? Who needs to be on the list and should be chosen next? Partake of The Daily Poll and leave a comment to either lobby for your guy or let us know who we left off the list. You may vote for up to TWO players. (Note: Only players retired from football are eligible, which is why Zach Thomas is not on the list).

     Click here for Tuesday's column by me on Betters. And click on For The Children for the website of the good cause Betters founded.

      [May I say? I think you all are hitting a bull's-eye with this poll so far. Jake Scott is an egregious omission].

Aaa1bbum      CANES BAG MUST-WIN IN OMAHA: After blowing a 9th inning lead and losing 7-4 to Georgia Bulldogs in its College World Series opener, UM bounced back today to stay alive and eliminate rival FSU, 7-5. The Canes still have major work to do. Miami must still win five games in a row for the title -- continuing with the next on Wednesday night vs. Stanford. How confident, Canes fans?

     TIGER WINS U.S. OPEN: Wow. Just double-wow. Tiger Woods made two eagles Saturday including one on the 18th to take the lead. Then he curls in a long putt on the 18th Sunday to force sudden death with Rocco Mediate. Then, today, he wins the extra round on the extra 19th hole -- all of this despite a sore knee that had him limping and grimacing much of the tournament. Tiger in the hunt at a major is delicious stuff, and I believe El Tigre has officially feathered his legend.

     LAKERS FORCE GAME 6: Predictable as summer rain in South Florida, the Lakers won at home last night to pull within 3-2 in the NBA Finals and force a Game 6 in Boston. Will the Celtics now lose two straight at home. No. No no no. This is Kobe Bryant's season, and series, to cut into Michael Jordan's huge lead in the best-ever sweepstakes. But it ain't happening.      

Aaa1deboer      PANTHERS HIRE NEW HEAD COACH: Will Peter DeBoer be DeMan for the Cats? Get used to the awful wordplay, by the way. It's inevitable. As I wrote in this week's Sunday Random Evidence notes column, if his team is dull they'll be DeBoring. If they lose, fans will be DeBooing. I sort of like the choice, even though I find it thoroughly unsurprising GM Jacques Martin would select as his replacement a neophyte NHL head coach, all the better to control. DeBoer is youngish at 40 and a hot commodity, with a couple of other recent head-coaching feelers before choosing Florida. Recycle cans, not coaches. The hire feels fresh.

     MARLINS VS. RAYS: Host Tampa Bay took two of three from the Marlins over the weekend. If the season ended today the (Don't Call Me Devil) Rays would be the AL wild-card team while the Marlins presently are second in the NL wild-card chase. Rather Amazing. And yet our not-so-beloved Fish are last in the majors in attendance and the Rays aren't much better. Is there a common link? Could it be that six weeks of spring training and exhibition games in the state wear us out before the season even starts? Hey, you got a better theory, genius?